The Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta Review Of Good Family Vacation Spots

The Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta Review Of Good Family Vacation Spots

We stayed in​ the​ Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta in​ Mexico with our children who are aged 9 and 12. I had first heard about the​ Grand Mayan,​ because a​ colleague said it​ was one of​ the​ great honeymoon spots in​ Mexico,​ but when he had been there,​ he said it​ would make a​ perfect 5 star family vacation,​ one of​ the​ good family vacation spots in​ Mexico,​ because of​ the​ number of​ things for kids to​ do.

So we​ read several Grand Mayan NuevoVallarta reviews and made the​ decision

Sufficient to​ say,​ we​ weren’t disappointed,​ although we​ had a​ golf course view suite. I hadn’t realised that time-share was such a​ big deal here,​ and something about sea view being for members was said. I’m not sue what that meant,​ except we​ had one approach at​ the​ beginning of​ our vacation,​ which we​ politely but firmly declined,​ and we​ weren’t bothered again.

The suite was impressively large,​ very clean,​ and very colourful.

There was lots of​ space for our family of​ four,​ and their beds were very comfortable,​ as​ was our king-sized bed,​ in​ our large master bedroom. the​ maids came in​ twice a​ day,​ and put the​ beds away,​ and then took them out at​ night for the​ children. Our bedroom had a​ large sitting area,​ settee,​ TV,​ and a​ great bathroom with Jacuzzi and separate shower.

We were high up,​ which meant we​ had a​ good view,​ and we​ didn’t have to​ look out over the​ building works,​ or​ hear the​ noises.

The swimming pools at​ the​ Grand Mayan were a​ highlight of​ our vacation,​ certainly plenty warm. the​ real star attraction is​ the​ lazy river which runs through the​ resort. You could rent tubes for next to​ nothing,​ and then spend hours drifting around the​ resort. There is​ a​ pool with waves,​ which was very popular with the​ children and grown ups too!!

If you want to​ see a​ photo then go to​

Sunbeds on​ the​ beach were a​ bit of​ an​ issue,​ as​ in​ so many hotels,​ but I have to​ confess to​ arriving down there at​ around 7am to​ make sure we​ had beds. I hate this,​ but you have to​ fight fire with fire,​ and in​ Europe we​ are all used to​ it!!

The food was of​ variable quality,​ although the​ breakfast buffets at​ Samba were excellent.

There is​ a​ kitchen of​ sorts in​ the​ suite,​ but we​ don’t come on​ vacation to​ shop in​ supermarkets to​ save money,​ so it’s a​ question of​ finding a​ restaurant inside or​ outside of​ the​ resort that you like,​ and going there. I would recommend you dine at​ El Palomar. Also take a​ very short taxi ride,​ making sure you agree the​ price first,​ and try Fajitas Republic and Guido’s,​ plus a​ nice outdoor restaurant called Los Almendritos. Slightly further away is​ the​ Vista Grill,​ which has glorious views of​ the​ bay and Puerto Vallarta,​ and is​ very good,​ but a​ bit expensive!!

My wife enjoyed the​ Brio Spa,​ and even I used it​ to​ work out in,​ although I did play some golf on​ the​ very well laid out golf course.

We had a​ good time at​ the​ Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta. it​ is​ a​ bit too American and brash really for us Europeans,​ but the​ facilities are second to​ none,​ and the​ children loved it.

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