The Good The Bad And The Ugly Truth About Tv And Your Preschooler

The Good The Bad And The Ugly Truth About Tv And Your Preschooler

I am the​ mother of​ a​ preschooler and​ I have to​ admit that my child watches several hours of​ television each week. I am sure he watches more hours than any educator would recommend, but I've decided to​ dismiss the​ recommendation of​ the​ so-called experts. for​ the​ record, my child is​ a​ precocious, intelligent child who started preschool at​ the​ head of​ his class and​ will start kindergarten next fall at​ the​ head of​ his class. So who is​ right? I think we both are because there are good, bad, and​ ugly truths about television and​ the​ preschool set.

There are many good truths about preschool television. Today there is​ more quality programming designed with educational benefits in​ mind than ever before. While I did have Sesame Street in​ my youth, today my child has several stations designed specifically to​ offer quality programming (often created by or​ with educators). My child learned Spanish and​ sign language in​ preschool but his experience was reinforced and​ expanded by Sesame Street, Maya and​ Miguel, Dora the​ Explorer, and​ other shows. Preschool and​ library programs introduced my child to​ science and​ math but his knowledge was also increased by Stanley, Discovery Kids, and​ Bear in​ the​ Big Blue House. Literacy, history, culture, and​ interpersonal relationships were all expanded by shows such as​ Blues Clues, Power Rangers, and​ Thomas the​ Tank Engine. Through television programs my child can experience dinosaurs, volcanoes, sharks, and​ rain forests and​ as​ a​ result he is​ much more informed and​ knowledgable than I was about the​ world at​ his age.

There are some bad truths about preschoolers' relationship to​ television as​ well. My son has learned bad habits, attitudes and​ language from some shows and​ networks. I have seen my child and​ others take on a​ zombie-like aspect in​ front of​ the​ television. for​ some children, thankfully not mine, television takes the​ place of​ active play so the​ child lacks physical and​ mental stimulation. Not all television is​ appropriate for​ preschoolers and​ can expose children to​ violence, lifestyles, and​ sexual situations that young children cannot, and​ should not, comprehend.

The ugly truth about television and​ preschoolers is​ that TV is​ a​ tool -- and​ like any other tool it​ can be either used or​ abused. Too many families rely on television as​ a​ cheap babysitter. I have done so myself. Too many families place no restrictions or​ control over their preschoolers' television habits. Children can watch whatever they want, whenever they want. it​ is​ easy to​ blame networks or​ the​ entertainment industry for​ problems with our children. it​ is​ easy to​ diagnose that cutting back television viewing is​ the​ cure.

The simle truth is​ that balance and​ control are the​ real keys -- not restricting your child's access to​ television. Balance TV viewing with quality family time and​ play time. Control what stations and​ shows your child watches. Television can be a​ positive force in​ your preschooler's life if​ you exercise balance and​ control, but if​ you don't take care then it​ may well become a​ negative force. the​ simple truth is​ the​ direction of​ the​ pendulum swing is​ up to​ you as​ a​ parent.

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