The Four Sins Of Advertising

The Four Sins Of Advertising

The four sins of​ advertising
Advertising is​ a​ very precise science .​
It finds its bases in​ many different fields including copywriting, psychology and​ even math .​
In recent decades, we have observed a​ slow but steady beautification of​ advertising .​
For marketing experts this can work .​
For less savvy advertisers, it​ is​ a​ huge pitfall that draws attention away from the​ much more important aspects of​ a​ successful selling proposition .​
Faulty advertising costs its makers billions of​ dollars a​ year, and​ almost all are guilty of​ it, even the​ huge corporations.
You will see many of​ today’s internet marketing gurus recommending volumes several decades old .​
There is​ a​ good reason for​ this .​
Many of​ those volumes were written by direct marketers that engaged in​ extremely costly mailings .​
These ads have to​ produce optimal results or​ they produce losses .​
The upside is​ that results can be measured and​ broken down to​ a​ ridiculously precise extent .​
In fact very small fluctuations in​ these figures separate success from failure.
First and​ foremost is​ the​ written word .​
Nothing replaces a​ captivating headline and​ solid advertising copy .​
For headlines, the​ goal is​ to​ grab attention and​ qualify .​
Prospects must immediately recognize that the​ ad is​ addressed to​ them and​ they must also be drawn into the​ main copy .​
Ad copy should be as​ abundant as​ needed to​ tell the​ whole story, or​ however much of​ the​ story is​ needed to​ lead to​ the​ action you are soliciting.
Here are the​ four biggest mistakes you can make in​ advertising.
1) Being pretty instead of​ selling .​
This is​ really deadly .​
You don’t need to​ impress with your design, you need to​ make a​ sale, and​ words sell.
2) Not following a​ formula .​
Formulas exist because they work .​
Use them.
3) Forgetting, even for​ a​ single instant, to​ concentrate on your MDA, Most Desired Action.
4) Not testing different models .​
This is​ one of​ the​ most painful shortcomings of​ many marketers .​
They try an​ ad and​ if​ it’s not profitable the​ first time, they drop it​ entirely .​
If it​ is​ profitable, they continue to​ run it .​
Here, there is​ usually an​ enormous amount of​ room for​ improvement .​
Fluctuations in​ sales of​ the​ order of​ 500 to​ 800% are not uncommon…
Advertising comes in​ many shapes and​ sizes, with different costs associated to​ them .​
Do your research, purchase and​ read books by the​ likes of​ David Ogilvy and​ follow formulas that are aimed towards direct mailings .​
The results you get will far outweigh any effort you expend or​ money you invest.

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