The Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

The Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

The Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera
Parents lead by example, and​ children learn by watching grown-ups .​
Beloved hobbies tend to​ get passed down from parent to​ child, especially if​ those hobbies are kid-friendly and​ entertaining to​ young minds .​
Photography is​ one example .​
Kids love to​ take pictures .​
And with the​ LCD preview panels on digital cameras, kids have found a​ whole new reason to​ be excited about picture-taking.
Unfortunately, too many digital camera models aren’t appropriate for​ kids .​
Either they break too easily, or​ cost too much, or​ simply have too many confusing features and​ non-intuitive button and​ menu layouts .​
Children get disappointed when they are constantly refused access to​ a​ camera, especially if​ they see parents and​ older siblings taking pictures .​
What’s a​ parent to​ do?
Thanks to​ Fisher-Price, parents can simply buy a​ digital camera for​ their youngest photographers .​
The Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera was designed for​ small children who might subject it​ to​ rough treatment .​
The plastic and​ rubber camera case can take a​ lot of​ abuse.
Available in​ blue, pink, or​ red, the​ Kid Tough Digital Camera is​ praised for​ its superb design .​
Even two year olds can quickly learn to​ take pictures with this camera .​
It features a​ pair of​ large rubber grip handles for​ small hands .​
There is​ also a​ wrist strap built into the​ camera’s base .​
The buttons are large and​ easy to​ use .​
Kids also enjoy the​ shutter sound that comes whenever they snap a​ picture .​
Parents and​ kids both like the​ fact that this is​ a​ true point-and-shoot camera .​
Everything is​ automatic.
But therein lies the​ problem with the​ Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera .​
Because everything is​ done for​ you, there is​ no chance to​ change exposure settings to​ suit the​ situation .​
The photo quality is​ poor, with pictures often coming out blurry, dark, or​ discolored .​
Many parents have even exchanged the​ Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera for​ low-cost models designed for​ adults .​
The Kid Tough doesn’t have enough fun features to​ compensate for​ the​ low image quality .​
Its competitor, the​ VTech KidiZoom Digital Camera, comes with a​ host of​ games, video capability, and​ silly frames and​ special effects for​ images .​
The Kid Tough just doesn’t compare.
Bottom line: if​ you want an​ entertaining camera for​ kids, go with the​ VTech KidiZoom .​
If you want a​ simple camera that takes decent pictures, go with almost any of​ the​ low-end point-and-shoots out there .​
They are more likely to​ take clear, printable pictures than the​ Fisher Price Kid Tough.
The Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera sells for​ about $70 US, and​ can be found in​ toy stores or​ online where digital cameras are sold.

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