The First Bulgarian Social It Network Dao Bg Speeds Up

The First Bulgarian Social IT Network DAO.BG speeds up

The First Bulgarian Social IT Network DAO.BG speeds up

The first IT oriented network in​ Bulgaria – develops successfully after its start three months ago and​ looks into the​ future with confidence. registers 1000 unique visitors daily, three months after the​ start in​ September, and​ holds the​ attention of​ over 450 registered users .​
The users of​ have added over 5000 bookmarks for​ news and​ articles so far.

„These are excellent primary results, that strengthen my belief in​ the​ policy we chose", thinks Ognian Mladenov, one of​ the​ founders of​ and​ general manager of​ Internet Reklama Ltd .​
„The orientation in​ the​ niche of​ IT news let us accumulate fast the​ necessary critical numbers of​ users and​ now we can easier plan our next steps."

The main topics of​ are connected with internet, blogs, web 2.0 projects, web design, programming, marketing and​ advertising in​ internet and​ search engines optimisation .​

The social network is​ based on Pligg and​ has behind its back a​ solid technical expertise of​ authorised webmasters and​ SEO specialists .​
Partners of​ the​ project are the​ forum of​ Bulgarian optimizers and​ the​ news portal Internet Reklama (owner of​ e-commerce shop, blog platform and​ hosting company INBG) .​ built a​ considerable popularity in​ the​ Bulgarian internet as​ organiser and​ sponsor of​ SEO competition for​ Google optimisation .​

In his plans for​ development in​ the​ coming six months is​ increase of​ visitors by 200%, as​ well as​ growth of​ 100% of​ the​ base with registered subscribers .​ aims to​ attract over 3000 visitors every day to​ their sites in​ the​ coming year, where will find the​ most interesting and​ important in​ the​ field of​ information technologies in​ one spot.

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