The Eye That Never Blinks At The Pool Cctv Cameras

The Eye That Never Blinks At the​ Pool - CCTV Cameras
Afraid of​ drowning in​ a​ swimming pool? You shouldn’t be .​
The Poseidon, an​ underwater surveillance system, can detect problems and​ immediately activate beepers to​ alert lifeguards .​
The image and​ location of​ the​ drowning person is​ instantly captured on the​ CCTV cameras, and​ a​ life is​ saved.
Rewind and​ fast forward
Once upon a​ time, people drowning in​ pools mostly, well, drowned .​
It was always too late before they were discovered, often already floating lifeless or​ unconscious .​
a​ drowning person probably just slipped without a​ noise, without the​ dramatic hand-waving that they do in​ the​ movies .​
Real life drowning is​ not theatrical and​ often goes unnoticed because the​ person just goes under without warning.
The terror of​ losing a​ loved one to​ drowning is​ something we want to​ avoid, so you stand watch over your children while lifeguards scan the​ pool or​ beach with their binoculars for​ unusual movements .​
But still, lapses can happen in​ the​ blink of​ an​ eye.
Accidental drowning is​ the​ 7th leading cause of​ death for​ all age groups, the​ second leading cause of​ death for​ children in​ the​ 1-14 years age bracket .​
Drowning can happen at​ the​ beach, your home pool, a​ bathtub or​ bucket filled with water, or​ even in​ soup.
When surveillance is​ a​ security, not an​ intrusion
The welcome arrival of​ underwater surveillance has changed how we look at​ surveillance systems .​
In this case, we understand that when it​ comes to​ matters of​ life and​ death in​ very familiar places, like the​ public and​ home pool, we dare not object.
True, there is​ a​ lot of​ debate surrounding surveillance security .​
But debacles aside, the​ invention of​ electronic surveillance, including CCTV, has thwarted dangerous intentions .​
Now the​ grandfather of​ all surveillance is​ here.
This CCTV surveillance is​ not your regular home and​ office electronic spies .​
These are underwater devices designed to​ detect movement and​ problems in​ public and​ private swimming pools .​
The Poseidon is​ a​ network of​ cameras that sweeps its unblinking eyes above and​ below the​ surface of​ the​ swimming pool.
The Poseidon has already saved a​ life, that of​ 18-year-old Jean Francois LeRoy of​ Ancenis, France .​
Without warning, LeRoy, who was underwater practicing apnea swimming, drowned without warning .​
The unblinking eyes found him in​ milliseconds and​ alerted the​ lifeguards with incessant beeps .​
Thus, he was saved in​ time before brain damage set in.
The Poseidon CCTV is​ the​ perfect tool for​ lifeguards .​
With this in​ place, lifeguards increase their chances of​ saving lives and​ averting the​ irreversible damage that may be caused by drowning incidents.
Swimming and​ safety measures
Still, we can’t be so sure at​ all times .​
Here are some safety tips for​ at​ home and​ public pools:
1 .​
The home pool should be high-fenced so children cannot clamber over it.
2 .​
Cover the​ pool with netting.
3 .​
Do not leave buckets filled or​ even half-filled with water .​
Very young children can drown within seconds in​ buckets.
4 .​
Do not rely on your children’s swim wings, they might slip off unnoticed.
5 .​
Do not also depend on your child’s swimming lessons to​ save himself .​
The child will panic and​ forget all lessons.
6 .​
Never swim alone.
As a​ further precaution, when swimming in​ public pools, inquire if​ there is​ a​ CCTV system in​ and​ above the​ swimming pool, just to​ be sure .​
You’ll be confident knowing these are around because these cameras never blink.

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