The Extraordinary Hotel Experience In Las Vegas The Mirage Hotel And

The Extraordinary Hotel Experience In Las Vegas The Mirage Hotel And Casino

The Mirage Hotel and Casino is​ a​ newly renovated tropically-themed resort located at​ the​ center of​ the​ Las Vegas Strip. the​ entrance of​ the​ resort is​ landscaped with palm trees,​ rich foliage and more than four acres of​ lagoons with towering waterfalls centered around a​ 54-foot high volcano that spews smoke and fire 100 feet above the​ water every evening at​ regular intervals,​ with flames that illuminate the​ hotel. Situated at​ the​ back of​ the​ hotel,​ next to​ the​ swimming pool area,​ is​ a​ Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat with two and one-half million-gallon pools. Also created for the​ Mirage by Siegfried and Roy is​ the​ White Tiger Habitat,​ a​ tropical location featuring the​ exotic cats.

Where soft,​ sunny days give way to​ passionate nights. You are invited to​ experience the​ Life Exotic. the​ Mirage's visitor rooms feature rich hues and imported fabrics in​ a​ sophisticated ambiance of​ chic comfort. Wonderful views of​ the​ tropical pool,​ grandiose mountains or​ Las Vegas Strip. the​ exploding volcano erupts every 15 minutes from 7 pm until midnight,​ shooting fire sky-scraping. Inside the​ hotel's front entrance is​ a​ verdant rain forest with palm trees,​ cascading waterfalls,​ meandering lagoons,​ and exotic tropical vegetation. a​ enormous aquarium buzzing with leopard sharks,​ puffer fish,​ and about 90 other species. the​ Mirage hotel has an​ outdoor Secret Garden,​ counting a​ dolphin attraction,​ including the​ white tiger display.

This is​ the​ resort to​ stay if​ you want to​ feel like a​ high roller without spending like one. Perfect,​ reasonably priced rooms are done with botanical prints and yellow,​ cedar,​ and cranberry hues; they all have old-fashioned looking custom made work desks,​ and suites are decked in​ imported silks and hand-loomed carpets. Bathrooms have marble accents and luxurious appointments. the​ salon features massage therapies,​ beauty treatments,​ hydrotherapies. Live entertainment includes the​ new performance by Cirque du Soleil: the​ BEATLES LOVE; the​ show explores the​ content of​ the​ songs as​ interpreted by innovative performances from a​ cast of​ 60 international artists. a​ youthful,​ raw energy is​ channeled through aerial performance,​ extreme sports and urban freestyle dance. Mirage is​ as​ well home to​ singer-comedian Danny Gans,​ and touring headline entertainers.

The casino offers slot machines,​ poker tables,​ table games,​ a​ high-limit lounge,​ and a​ race and sports book with an​ overall atmosphere of​ sophisticated fun. the​ poker room has a​ planetary reputation for first-class action,​ low and high. the​ look is​ rain forest rustic: pits are distinguished by separate thatch roofs. There's yet a​ verdant tropical garden leading into the​ main casino to​ clean your lungs with fresh air. the​ cumulative effect is​ completely vitalizing for a​ casino.

The Mirage sets a​ high standard for itself and for every other luxury hotel in​ Vegas. Its timeless beauty,​ tropical surroundings and exceptional service make it​ one of​ the​ most beloved hotels on​ the​ Las Vegas Strip.

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