The Evolution Of Sexual Revolution

As the​ world turns,​ so do our ever-changing cultures and mores. While today's “Generation Z” is​ considered to​ be the​ most connected breed that ever walked this earth,​ thanks to​ the​ rapid mushrooming of​ electronic media devices,​ it​ does not discount the​ fact that today's youth has been exposed to​ the​ sexual permissiveness of​ modern society,​ in​ a​ large measure,​ due to​ the​ influence of​ mass media and advertising.
Along with the​ simultaneous use of​ those electronic devices,​this generation has become very liberated when it​ comes to​ sexual attitude and orientations. it​ has become a​ freedom of​ expression. But along with this freedom comes its great responsibility and possible unfavorable consequences on​ sexual health concerns.
The Beginning
In the​ 1960's,​ changes in​ sexual attitude clamored for equality of​ the​ sexes. it​ may not be a​ complete separation from the​ western sexual morality but was considered to​ be a​ liberalization from the​ conservative outlook of​ the​ previous decades caused by the​ Cold War. Such conservative outlook bred puritanical culture which eventually sparked the​ so-called sexual revolution.
Many historians observed that changes may not be seen in​ actual sexual activities,​ such as​ those exhibited by people having more sex or​ engaging in​ different types of​ sex,​ but rather,​ more of​ a​ “coming out” period. Unlike the​ previous generations,​ people have become more open about discussing sexual health issues such as​ masturbation,​ premarital sex,​ erotic fantasies,​ po​rnography,​ and even homosexuality.
The introduction of​ the​ “Pill” is​ another reason for this break-away mindset,​ allowing women easy access to​ reliable contraception. This new-found freedom was fanned into flames by the​ increasing popularity of​ television with its ability to​ influence millions of​ viewers while spreading new ideas in​ such a​ short span of​ time.
The significant changes in​ sexual behavior was observed among women who,​ upon reaching the​ age of​ maturity,​ had exhibited sexual behaviors common to​ men. in​ the​ 1980's,​ women would have more partners as​ compared to​ the​ women of​ the​ previous generations.
The Consequence
The sexual liberation has appealed to​ most women because it​ gave them empowerment and equality with the​ opposite sex. it​ liberated them from ultimate dependence on​ men. the​ contraceptive pill had given them a​ sort of​ an​ an upper hand against sexual prejudices and biases from the​ male department who allegedly impregnate them only to​ be tied to​ a​ life-long oppression called marriage.
This kind of​ reaction was brought upon by too much puritanism during those times where women were expected to​ be subservient to​ men's whims and caprices. Indeed,​ the​ sexual revolution had liberated the​ women not only in​ sexual behavior but in​ all aspects of​ social life.
However,​ the​ continued rise in​ sexual assaults and battery of​ women afforded some believers that the​ sexual liberation has only placed women in​ more danger of​ being exploited,​ abused and mistreated. the​ pill that women consider as​ “liberating” had been used by the​ men in​ their favor to​ further their own sexual activities. it​ would mean a​ lesser chance of​ getting his girl pregnant,​ thus,​ lesser responsibility on​ him.
Sexual liberation also spouses acceptance of​ homosexuality and lesbianism. it​ has encouraged the​ new generation to​ bravely come out of​ their closets and demand fair treatment and equality. Some quarters view sexual liberation as​ the​ cause of​ breakdown in​ morality. Modesty has become synonymous with immaturity. po​rnography becomes art. Still,​ everything depends on​ how a​ person would take liberalism and to​ what extent. it​ can either boost a​ woman's self-esteem or​ it​ can stripped her of​ her own protection. Sexual maturity plays a​ very important role in​ understanding sexual liberation.
The Maturity
The promise of​ sexual revolution is​ maturity,​ happiness and fulfillment through sexual liberation. Maturity is​ the​ ability to​ respond to​ circumstances in​ a​ rational way. Not being impulsive or​ emotional,​ but being reasonable and appropriate. Sexual maturity is​ a​ stage when a​ person's physical,​ emotional,​ and sexual health is​ ready for reproduction.
Most people nowadays have treated sex without regard to​ commitment as​ well as​ to​ its consequence. Statistics prove that more than 50% of​ the​ youth have engaged in​ premarital sex at​ least once. it​ has become devoid of​ the​ real reason why sex should occur: for married couples to​ procreate.
Modern lifestyle promotes individualism and being unconventional. This is​ why it​ is​ important that one must learn to​ practice a​ positive and respectful approach to​ sexuality and sexual relationships by respecting and protecting the​ sexual rights of​ every individual.

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