The Email Alternative Using An Extranet For Online Document Sharing

The Email Alternative Using An Extranet For Online Document Sharing

The Email Alternative: Using An Extranet For Online Document Sharing
Why is​ an​ extranet better than email for sharing documents? The answer is​ simple: email is​ perfect for one-to-one communication, but not ideally suited for groups engaged in​ project collaboration.
Most e-mail programs provide little – if​ any – effective way to​ prioritize your messages and attachments .​
Everything arrives in​ the same place, in​ the order in​ which it​ was sent.
With an​ extranet, all project related documents are automatically captured within a​ folder dedicated to​ a​ project.
Not mixed in​ with the latest joke circulating around the office.
In addition, an​ extranet can handle any size document .​
With e-mail, you run the risk of​ large attachments not passing through the company firewall.
Sharing a​ power point presentation with a​ group is​ a​ perfect example .​
With email, you have to​ break the presentations into small parts, with each section attached to​ a​ separate email .​
The sections don’t arrive at​ the same time, and it​ can be quite confusing for everyone involved .​
Imagine sharing three presentations, each in​ 3 parts, to​ six people .​
That would be nine emails to​ six people .​
Fifty-four messages!
Using an​ extranet, the presentations can be sent at​ the same time, all intact, automatically filed into a​ single project folder along with all the other related materials.
And everyone has access at​ the same time.
Many extranets make it​ even easier, using automatic email alerts that inform the recipients that the presentations are available, and providing a​ comment function that allows each user to​ share their point-of-view.
An extranet assures that important documents get to​ the right place, ready for instant response .​
And it​ puts related documents and messages together .​
The budget, schedule, strategic plan, power point presentation, everyone’s notes and comments -- they all appear on the same page .​
No sorting through a​ long list of​ unrelated emails.
One final point .​
Many extranets are secured with 128 bit encryption, the same protection used for protecting financial transactions .​
Email, on the other hand, can land in​ anybody’s hands, which is​ OK if​ you’re sending the latest joke, but not at​ all funny when it​ comes to​ the confidentiality of​ your most important documents.

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