The Easiest Photoshop 7 0 Tutorial Most Important Tools To Know

The Easiest Photoshop 7.0 Tutorial – Most Important Tools To Know
Learning how Photoshop 7.0 works is​ relatively easy…just as​ long as​ you know and understand how each category of​ tools work .​
But because there are a​ variety of​ tools provided in​ Photoshop 7.0,​ it’s certainly understandable if​ you’re feeling a​ little intimidated.
Most Important Tools to​ Know in​ Photoshop 7.0
Cropping Tools – Crop is​ simply a​ fancier term for cut,​ and if​ you know how the​ cut function works with text,​ then that’s basically how the​ crop function works with images as​ well.
Image Viewing Tools – There are only two tools under this category – hand and zoom - but you’ll be using both frequently .​
The zoom option is​ easy to​ understand because it​ simply magnifies or​ shrinks the​ image,​ so you should just concentrate more on​ learning about the​ hand tool.
Moving Tools – This is​ what you use to​ move a​ cropped or​ selected area from one image to​ another and for adding layers.
Painting Tools – In this category,​ you’ll be able to​ edit or​ add color to​ your images .​
The most basic tools are the​ brush and paint bucket – they work just the​ way their name implies .​
The airbrush can be used for a​ softened look .​
Other tools in​ this category are history brushes,​ the​ pencil tool,​ and gradients.
When using the​ painting tools,​ you’ll have the​ option of​ using pre-selected colors or​ creating your own palette .​
Make sure that you memorize the​ code for each color you create so as​ not to​ redo the​ whole process afterwards.
Retouching Tools – This category of​ Photoshop 7.0 tools is​ better suited for intermediate users .​
As its name also implies,​ retouching tools are used to​ further enhance the​ quality or​ overall appearance of​ your images .​
The eraser can be used to​ delete any part of​ the​ image .​
The patch tool and healing brush are both used to​ rectify errors in​ the​ image .​
Blur or​ sharp can be used to​ make the​ image fade or​ sharpen in​ appearance respectively .​
Other tools in​ this category are smudge,​ sponge,​ burn,​ and dodge .​
You’ll find it​ easier to​ understand how each tool works by comparing before and after effects.
Selection Tools – There are two basic tools in​ this category: the​ select and deselect tool .​
Use the​ select tool to​ determine which area or​ part of​ the​ image you wish to​ focus on​ .​
Once the​ area has been selected,​ any subsequent action made will be applied to​ the​ selected area only .​
The deselect tool is​ used to​ undo the​ selection .​
Other tools under this category are the​ lassos – selecting irregularly shaped areas,​ quick mask,​ magic wand (a wonderful and easy to​ explore tool),​ and other marquee tools.
Vector Tools – If retouching tools are suited for intermediate users,​ vector tools are more suited for advanced Photoshop 7.0 users .​
Although very much in​ use in​ a​ professional capacity,​ they’re not something you’re likely to​ utilize frequently if​ all you’re interested in​ is​ making personal photos prettier for your online scrapbook.
Vector tools include pen,​ line,​ shape,​ and path select,​ and are used to​ create and edit vectors .​
If you’re interested in​ learning and understanding how vector tools work,​ be prepared to​ expend more time and effort than usual.
There are other tools offered by Photoshop 7.0 of​ course,​ but it’s best that you concentrate first on​ the​ tools listed above .​
If you still feel unsatisfied with what you can do with the​ tools described here then by all means increase your knowledge!

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