The Downlow On Buying And Selling Concert Tickets Online

The Downlow On Buying And Selling Concert Tickets Online

The Downlow on​ Buying and Selling Concert Tickets Online
Buying concert tickets online isn’t scary .​
In fact,​ it’s as​ easy as​ visiting Google and typing in​ the​ event you​ are looking for and follow with the​ word tickets .​
However,​ a​ couple of​ questions may come to​ mind when browsing for sports or​ concert tickets.
1 .​
Why are tickets so expensive on​ the​ internet? on​ Ticketmaster the​ tickets are so much cheaper .​
Why should I​ pay twice as​ much for tickets?
2 .​
Does the​ ticket broker website I​ am visiting really have this many tickets in​ their inventory?
3 .​
How do I​ know the​ website I​ am visiting is​ offering the​ lowest prices on​ these tickets?
First,​ concert tickets are more expensive because you​ are not buying them off of​ the​ primary market but the​ secondary market .​
Brokers are buying the​ tickets before the​ fans can get them and selling them on​ the​ secondary market .​
The brokers make their money off of​ the​ arbitrage.
If you​ want decent seats to​ a​ hot event you​ are pretty much going to​ have to​ buy tickets through a​ broker .​
eBay has a​ decent inventory of​ tickets .​
Also,​ sites like hundreds of​ thousands of​ tickets in​ their inventory which you​ can browse and purchase .​
Second,​ ticket broker websites don’t have the​ concert ticket inventory on​ hand that they are displaying on​ their website .​
Rather,​ they are displaying inventory from a​ central database of​ brokers which reads out on​ many brokerage websites .​
The websites mark up the​ tickets accordingly while acting as​ a​ retailer for the​ tickets.
Finally,​ the​ vast majority of​ the​ concert ticket brokerage websites have the​ exact same inventory .​
Because of​ this,​ the​ only decision you​ need to​ make is​ choosing which one to​ buy from .​
I​ recommend shopping around a​ couple of​ the​ websites to​ see what kind of​ markup they have on​ the​ tickets .​
Keep in​ mind,​ you​ are looking at​ the​ exact same pair of​ tickets,​ but the​ markup of​ the​ different websites is​ going to​ be different.

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