The Dirty Little Secret About Real Estate 800 Call Capture Systems

The Dirty Little Secret About Real Estate 800 Call Capture Systems

Real estate 800 call capture systems are a​ great tool for​ real estate agents. the​ dirty little secret…it probably won’t work for​ you. the​ majority of​ real estate agents that get an​ 800 call capture system don’t use it​ correctly and​ then when the​ phone doesn’t ring, they blame the​ technology. the​ technology isn’t the​ problem, the​ application of​ it​ is. Most service providers don’t educate their users enough about how to​ get the​ most out of​ their systems. Here are just 2 of​ the​ ways you can make real estate 800 call capture technology work for​ you.

Lead Generation
Use your real estate 800 call capture number in​ all of​ your advertising- business cards- flyers- faxes- direct mail pieces- advertising. Anywhere you provide your contact information, you should provide your 800 number. Why? Each time someone calls your 800 number you’ve captured a​ lead. Your call capture system captures the​ phone number- even if​ the​ number is​ blocked or​ the​ caller doesn’t leave a​ message. You can also capture the​
name and​ address in​ most cases. Real estate 800 call capture systems provide you with unique extensions that can be loaded with a​ recording of​ your choice as​ well as​ a​ document that your callers can request to​ have faxed to​ them. Load a​ recording and​ fax-back document about each of​ your listings. Then advertise on your sign rider, “Call for​ free, 24/7, recorded information 800-888-8888 ext. 100.” This gives your buyers the​ ability to​
call your toll-free number 24/7, at​ their convenience, for​ information on your listings. Remember, each time a​ prospect calls your 800 number for​ information, you’ve captured their phone number and​ possibly their name and​ address. You can also position yourself in​ the​ market as​ an​ information provider. Place a​ small ad in​ your local paper or​ perhaps send a​ post card out that offers free (no cost)- 24/7 (convenience)- recorded information
(no sales person to​ talk to). Each time someone calls in​ to​ request the​ free information, you’ve captured a​ lead.

Listing Tool
Demonstrate the​ technology right in​ front of​ your seller’s eyes. Before going to​ the​ listing presentation, record the​ information about their home in​ one of​ your extensions and​ load a​ listing flyer or​ floor plan of​ their home. During the​ presentation tell Mr. and​ Mrs. Seller that you are able to​ offer them something that most other agents can’t offer their sellers. Let them know that you are going to​ offer free-24/7-recorded information on their home. Have Mr. and​ Mrs. Seller call your 800 call capture system along with the​ extension for​ their home. They will be impressed with the​ recorded
information and​ the​ ability to​ have a​ fax with even more information automatically sent to​ them. Give them confidence that each and​ every prospect will be contacted and​ in​ a​ timely matter after your system captures their name, address, and​ phone number.

These are just two of​ the​ ways you can make real estate 800 call capture technology work for​ you. This is​ just the​ tip of​ the​ iceberg. 800 call capture systems are a​ must for​ real estate agents looking to​ generate more leads and​ get more listings. But, it​ probably won’t work for​ you…unless you know how to​ use it.

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