The Difference Between Online Registration System And HTML Registration Forms

The Difference Between Online Registration System And HTML Registration Forms

Recent surveys show that at​ least 20% of​ corporate meeting planners do not use any kind of​ online application or​ website to​ assist in​ their registration process. So using an​ HTML form to​ register attendees puts you ahead of​ at​ least some of​ your peers.

However, when contacting meeting professionals who already employ an​ HTML-based form to​ help with registration, they are often under-informed or​ misinformed on what exactly an​ online registration system could offer them in​ addition to​ the​ functionality of​ their established HTML registration form.

In brief, here are just a​ few of​ the​ advantages to​ be gained by switching to​ an​ online registration system:

Superb Security
Because most online registration companies host your registration pages on their servers you can take advantage of​ the​ economies of​ scale and​ get expensive security measures for​ a​ fraction of​ their price. Hackersafe inspections, 128-bit encryption technology, TRUSTe verified privacy policies and​ PCI compliancy are all great programs you can take advantage of.

Customizable Reporting
On top of​ securing your data, registration systems often offer custom reporting capabilities so that you can slice your data any way you need. With some systems, you can also email reports to​ sponsors, colleagues, vendors or​ anyone else you need to​ keep in​ the​ loop, without giving them direct access to​ your accounts or​ data.

Flexible Forms
The best registration systems on the​ market today allow you to​ build your forms using a​ WYSIWYG (What You See is​ What You Get) editor, meaning that you can build an​ entire web page without knowing any HTML code. This gives you the​ ability to​ add your logo, customize text styles, change colors and​ make changes on the​ fly, with no need to​ involve an​ it​ department!

Automatic Emails
Event-reminder and​ registration confirmation emails are easy to​ build and​ send with online systems that do most of​ the​ work for​ you. in​ addition, top systems will have a​ mechanism which sends emails to​ registrants who abandon the​ process before completing their registration, affording you the​ opportunity to​ assist people who are confused, or​ help to​ convince them that registering for​ your event will be beneficial.

The biggest difference between online registration and​ HTML registration forms is​ that they are self-service. There a​ few registration companies that will let you try out their system fully before you commit to​ buying anything.

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