The Difference Between Autoresponder Programs And Autoresponder Services

Many newcomers to​ the​ Internet marketing arena are not aware that there is​ a​ vast difference between an​ autoresponder program and​ an​ autoresponder service. Not knowing the​ difference, they often purchase the​ wrong type of​ autoresponder, and​ find out too late that they have wasted money on a​ program that is​ useless to​ them.

An autoresponder program is​ a​ program that is​ set up on your web server. This is​ usually a​ free autoresponder that comes with your web hosting account. Many people don’t like to​ use autoresponder services; so instead, they use an​ autoresponder program that they have more control over. Some of​ those people don’t like the​ autoresponder programs that come with their hosting accounts either and​ purchase autoresponder programs or​ scripts that must be installed on their web server.

Other people are quite happy with using an​ autoresponder service. This is​ a​ service that is​ usually paid for​ on a​ monthly or​ yearly basis. the​ fees are ongoing, and​ everything is​ browser based. in​ other words, you can set up your autoresponder messages and​ manage your opt-in list through your web browser – just as​ you can with an​ autoresponder program that is​ installed through your web hosting account. the​ difference is​ that the​ service runs on the​ autoresponder service’s web server – not yours or​ your web hosts.

Beginners are usually better off using an​ autoresponder service. These services are very easy to​ understand and​ to​ use, and​ no technical knowledge is​ needed to​ set things up. as​ a​ newcomer to​ the​ field, however, you might be concerned about the​ costs of​ an​ autoresponder service. if​ this is​ the​ case, you have the​ option of​ signing up with a​ free autoresponder service.

Free services make their money by placing advertisements in​ each autoresponder message that you send out. Sometimes these ads appear at​ the​ top of​ your messages, and​ sometimes they appear at​ the​ bottom. Some of​ the​ free services are simply an​ enticement to​ purchase the​ professional version, and​ have many of​ the​ more advanced features, such as​ tracking, disabled.

More advanced users often choose to​ use autoresponder programs, simply because they have more control over the​ autoresponder, and​ they don’t have to​ follow some of​ the​ stiffer rules imposed by autoresponder services, such as​ sending confirmation to​ each and​ every person who is​ entered into the​ autoresponders list.

The autoresponder that you choose is​ strictly up to​ you, but in​ most cases, an​ autoresponder service should suit your needs. if​ you are unsure, look for​ a​ service that offers free signups, with the​ option of​ upgrading to​ the​ professional paid version at​ a​ later date.

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