The Development Of The Cosmeticians And Cosmetologists Professions And Their Application To Professional Liability Insurance

The Development of​ the​ Cosmeticians' and Cosmetologists' Professions,​ and Their Application to​ Professional Liability Insurance
Insurance companies do not tend to​ differentiate between cosmeticians and cosmetologists when it​ comes to​ providing professional liability insurance .​
The difference is​ actually important,​ and should be reflected in​ the​ insurance policies provided to​ cover professional liability insurance .​
The concept of​ professional liability insurance is​ that it​ is​ provided to​ professionals only .​
The basics of​ professional liability insurance is​ to​ cover malpractice or​ the​ unfortunate results of​ the​ excellent practice of​ well trained and certified professionals,​ who acquired their certification according to​ high standards and well-known institutions .​
This should have led the​ insurance industry to​ prefer the​ higher trained professionals,​ and in​ the​ beauty field these are the​ cosmetologists .​
What differentiates between cosmeticians and cosmetologists is​ that a​ cosmetician is​ someone who sells or​ applies cosmetics or​ works in​ a​ beauty parlor,​ while cosmetologists are experts in​ the​ use of​ cosmetics,​ or​ beauty specialists.
Not everyone will agree with the​ different definitions,​ and we received many responses claiming that the​ difference is​ the​ need of​ the​ cosmeticians to​ improve their public image and,​ not necessarily the​ result of​ better education or​ expertise.
The first use of​ cosmetics was in​ ancient Egypt .​
The Egyptians created a​ number of​ cosmetics: oils,​ herbs,​ fragrances for both beauty and religious purposes .​
Both women and men would use kohl (a black powder kept in​ a​ small jar) to​ outline their eyes and eyebrows .​
Throughout history,​ there has been a​ constant,​ consistent increase in​ the​ use of​ cosmetics,​ and the​ cosmetician's profession was increasingly in​ demand,​ with ever-growing status for not just a​ professional,​ but for an​ artist.
The increase in​ the​ cost of​ cosmetics along with the​ increase in​ public awareness to​ consumerism has created the​ need for protection of​ the​ cosmetician from public lawsuit in​ more complex ways than ever.
Professional liability insurance used to​ be the​ main answer to​ the​ needs of​ the​ cosmetician,​ but nowadays,​ this excellent coverage provides only a​ fraction of​ the​ protection required by the​ cosmetician of​ the​ 21st century: the​ use of​ applied products and the​ development of​ consumer protection laws has elevated the​ need to​ provide protection from lawsuits involving the​ products used (and many cosmeticians still use self-made products,​ and cannot rely on​ product liability of​ a​ manufacturer) .​
The emergence of​ hair and beauty salons has created the​ need to​ include public or​ general liability as​ well,​ and in​ the​ age of​ gender awareness,​ a​ certain protection is​ required against discrimination and gender harassment .​
It is​ an​ opportunity,​ both for the​ insurance world and for the​ professionals in​ the​ beauty industry to​ recognize the​ potential of​ cosmetologists and to​ elevate the​ level of​ professionals in​ the​ beauty industry .​
Better training,​ regulated education and instruction,​ continuous updating – all these will create a​ better environment for cosmeticians and their customers,​ and will forge a​ broader way for protection solutions by the​ insurance industry.
Today,​ people are much more aware of​ their looks .​
They purchase expensive products,​ pay a​ lot for beauty treatments and expect their cosmetician or​ cosmetologist to​ be a​ highly trained and excellent practitioner .​
The insurance world will either go with this trend and support the​ enhancement of​ the​ beauty practitioners' professionalism or​ will pay the​ price of​ old fashioned protection products .​
The one who will pay the​ price in​ this case may very well be the​ cosmetician who did not continue to​ develop professionally.

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