The Details Of The Coastal Vacation Official Site

The Details Of The Coastal Vacation Official Site

With the​ unfortunate occurrences of​ fraudulent coastal vacation sites and scams you are sent to​ a​ page offering details about the​ difference of​ a​ bogus and an​ official site. the​ site states that the​ Coastal Board of​ Directors recognizes a​ coastal vacation official site. There are only four official sites linked to​ coastal vacation. There are three key guides to​ keep in​ mind that will show proof of​ an​ official site. it​ is​ important to​ keep these things in​ mind while looking for an​ official site.

The Three Guides to​ an​ Official Site

1. the​ sites will each be identical and include distributor information
2. the​ sites include a​ clear claim of​ being an​ official site
3. the​ site carries a​ motto “powered by COA network”

From this page you are sent to​ the​ official site that begins with a​ description of​ the​ number of​ people who would prefer the​ freedoms of​ working from home to​ their current job. it​ is​ estimated that 96% of​ adults between 25 and 44 are interested in​ home business. Some of​ the​ benefits listed on​ this site are the​ low overhead; home based tax advantage,​ no employees and unlimited early potential. You also are informed about the​ state of​ retirees. the​ ability to​ have true financial freedom is​ only at​ 2%. Statistics on​ the​ site show 45% of​ retirees depend on​ relatives,​ 30% need charity assistance,​ 23% are still working and 2% are home business owners and are financially free.

The site then goes into coastal vacations being a​ $4.9 trillion dollar travel industry. They offer affordable travel packages at​ wholesale prices. They offer the​ finest,​ most extensive lifetime travel membership packages in​ the​ world. They are not a​ timeshare company. There are three tier travel packages offered. After the​ products and services are mentioned the​ site goes on​ to​ offer job opportunities. They state that this home business opportunity is​ low risk,​ carries a​ high return,​ allows for personal satisfaction and offers a​ strong track record. This company is​ not a​ franchise. Those employed are coastal directors who promote the​ products and work off of​ sale commissions. Training and leadership courses are provided as​ well as​ the​ assistance of​ an​ automated marketing system that performs 80% of​ the​ work.

Near the​ end of​ the​ site there is​ a​ form that allows you to​ request further details about travel packages or​ employment information. the​ official coastal vacation site was clean and clear on​ it’s products and services. it​ was also upfront about the​ coastal vacation scam sites and what to​ look for to​ better protect you from fraud.

When searching any site be wary of​ the​ signs and symbols of​ a​ site page. Try to​ look for signs that are associated with legitimate companies such as​ the​ BBB symbol. Do not hesitate to​ perform research about a​ company prior to​ providing any personal information. it​ is​ better to​ withhold personal details than to​ suffer the​ consequences of​ becoming a​ victim of​ fraud or​ scams. Always do what is​ necessary to​ protect yourself as​ well as​ your personal information rather a​ site is​ marked official or​ not.

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