The Dell Corporation A Technicians Review

The Dell Corporation A Technicians Review

The Dell Corporation - a​ Technician's Review
The Dell computer has become a​ fixture in​ enterprises all over the world .​
From the days when they were assembled in​ a​ university dorm room, to​ the mass production of​ today, Dell has been one of​ the most successful computer manufacturers .​

I work as​ a​ computer technician in​ a​ big organization that supports almost 5000 end-users .​
Our daily tasks can become overwhelming at​ times .​
Especially when our network goes down or​ one of​ our servers dies .​

One thing we do not have to​ worry about is​ hardware problems .​
Most of​ our PCs are from Dell, the newer ones being the Optiplex GX620 .​
Whenever we have a​ hardware failure in​ a​ Dell machine, we simply log on to​ their website, submit a​ form, and the next day our part arrives .​
We can do all of​ our warranty replacements without even having to​ speak to​ a​ customer service representative on the phone .​
Working in​ a​ corporate environment that requires near 100% uptime, brings the need for service like that of​ Dell .​
The less time we (technicians) can spend worrying about tracking a​ piece of​ hardware, in​ transit, the more we can focus on our job at​ hand .​
I​ guess I​ am biased, a​ little, because of​ the service that we do get from Dell .​
But there is​ nothing better to​ a​ technician than readily available hardware replacements .​
We also deal once and a​ while with IBM (Lenovo) .​
I​ can’t say that I​ am as​ enthusiastic about their service .​
Every time we have to​ replace a​ part in​ an​ IBM machine, they feel the need to​ dispatch a​ technician .​
This is​ frustrating, after all, most of​ us are just as​ certified (or maybe even more so) than these technicians .​
Regardless of​ who you and your company deal with, make sure that you when you bring a​ new vendor onboard, you take a​ good look at​ their support services .​
The better support you have the smoother the technician’s job will be.

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