The Cuisine Of The Costa Tropical Andalucia Spain

The Cuisine Of The Costa Tropical Andalucia Spain

The Cuisine of​ the​ Costa Tropical Andalucia Spain
Andalucía is​ one of​ the​ most beautiful regions of​ Spain and​ a​ popular tourist destination .​
The mesmerizing coastline of​ Costa Tropical is​ a​ haven for​ beach lovers while the​ mountainous landscape with architectural delights, historical monuments, and​ luscious vegetations can cure any eyesore .​
Just like the​ varied landscape, the​ cuisine of​ Costa Tropical is​ pleasantly different .​

Probably one of​ the​ standout examples of​ Andalucian cuisine can be seen at​ the​ highly popular tapas bars, where you can get a​ sample of​ hot food and​ tasty morsels .​
These are tasty local snacks that can be eaten hot or​ cold depending on how you want to​ have it .​
Tapas bars can offer as​ many as​ 40 different cuisines and​ some of​ them are traditional local fare that is​ extremely popular in​ Spain .​
Meal times are late in​ Andalucía; 2-3pm for​ the​ ‘comida,’ or​ midday meal, which for​ the​ Spanish is​ the​ main meal of​ the​ day, then 9-10pm for​ the​ ‘cena,’ evening meal.
The cuisine of​ Andalucia is​ characterized by several different types of​ dishes like fried fish or​ pescado frito, gazpacho, the​ jamon of​ Trevélez, and​ the​ wines of​ Jerez, Rueda & Somontano .​
The hot favorite in​ fried food in​ Costa Tropical is​ Puntillitas, which is​ a​ fried and​ battered baby squid .​
Frying is​ an​ important aspect of​ Andalucian cuisine and​ the​ main ingredient is​ olive oil, which is​ produced in​ the​ different provinces of​ Cordoba, Granada, Seville, and​ Jaen .​
Most of​ the​ fried food here is​ scoured in​ flour a​ la andaluza, which means that the​ flour doesn’t have any egg or​ any other ingredients mixed in​ it .​
Most of​ the​ flour is​ fried in​ huge quantities in​ burning hot olive oil.
The fish is​ a​ favorite in​ Spain and​ so is​ the​ shellfish .​
The consumption is​ rather high and​ spread over five coastal regions .​
Different types of​ fishes are popular in​ different places like the​ white shrimp is​ a​ popular cuisine and​ is​ found in​ and​ around the​ Bay of​ Cádiz; murex, prawns, baby squid, cuttlefish, and​ anchovies .​
Another popular cuisine is​ the​ bocas de la Isla, which is​ popular in​ and​ around San Fernando and​ contains a​ local variety of​ crab, which can regenerate certain parts of​ its body like the​ flounder, claws, and​ smelts.
Desserts are an​ integral part of​ every cuisine in​ Andalucia and​ one of​ the​ favorites is​ Pestiños de Miel, which is​ more of​ a​ honey-coated sweetened fritter .​
Most of​ the​ desserts here are influenced by the​ medieval cuisine and​ some of​ the​ other varieties of​ desserts include amarguillos (It is​ a​ type of​ almond macaroons) that is​ popular in​ Medina Sidonia, alfajores, polvorones (almond cookies) popular in​ Estepa, wine doughnuts, lard bread, and​ torrijas.
What is​ a​ nice meal without a​ mature wine? the​ wines of​ Costa Tropical are quite famous .​
The wines of​ Jerez are world famous and​ have been praised by the​ great writer and​ poet William Shakespeare .​
Some of​ the​ other wins produced and​ consumed in​ this region include the​ white wine of​ Cádiz, Manzanilla of​ Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Condado wines in​ Huelva, Paxarete (a type of​ sherry), Montilla-Moriles, la tintilla wines of​ Rota and​ Málaga Wines.

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