The Complete Tourist Guide To Cornwall

The Complete Tourist Guide To Cornwall

Cornwall is​ probably the most popular UK tourist destination as​ each year thousands of​ people head to​ the southwest. They travel in​ seek of​ the stunning beaches and coastline, the small fishing villages, the historic mines and last but not least, the world class surf.

How to​ Get There
Generally, visitors travel to​ Cornwall by car, bus or​ rail. However, there is​ a​ small airport in​ Newquay that offers connecting flights to​ Manchester and London’s Gatwick and Stansted Airports.

Cornwall offers a​ wide range of​ accommodation types that include hotels, guest houses, self catering options, camping and caravan parks, and the ever popular bed and breakfasts. There are also many holiday homes and cottages scattered about the little coastal villages.

Cornwall has an​ extensive history that dates back to​ the Stone Age. The area is​ riddled with ancient archaeological sites and stone circles, not to​ mention the hundreds of​ mines and tunnels. Although it​ is​ a​ fishing community and has many little harbors, it​ is​ the mining industry that Cornwall received the majority of​ its income from. Heavy metals were the main production with copper and tin being the main exports. Cornwall is​ now famed for its surf and associated lifestyle. This is​ a​ major contributor to​ its primary income source from tourism.

Cornwall does not compare to​ large cities in​ the shopping category as​ it​ is​ a​ rural community. However, Newquay, Penzance, Truro and Falmouth are small towns with lots of​ unique craft and clothes shops. All the small villages have convenience stores with the odd surf shop as​ well.

Eating and drinking
As Cornwall is​ a​ rural area, the traditional English pub is​ the most common sight for dining. However, you can find all types of​ international food around the towns of​ Truro and Newquay. Cornish pasties are renowned and are a​ must if​ you are after a​ quick snack.

Cornwall has wonderful coastal paths that attract hundreds of​ walkers each year. Lands end is​ in​ impressive feature as​ it​ is​ the most southerly mainland point in​ Britain and looks out across the Atlantic Ocean. The Eden Project by St Austell is​ another must see.

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