The College Pride Organisation From The Start

The College Pride Organisation From The Start

College Pride was founded in​ 1997. The aim of​ the College Pride organisation is​ to​ enhance college counselling for gay youth. College Pride also promotes awareness of​ issues affecting gay youth in​ colleges, universities and other higher education establishments across the United States.

Advising individual institutions about the concerns of​ gay youths gives College Pride the ability to​ target specific issues that relate to​ a​ particular college and address ways to​ deal with matters that arise that are perhaps unique to​ that school. College Pride also produces articles and makes presentations to​ education professionals across America to​ make them aware of​ the tremendous challenges that gay youth have and offer solutions to​ help give advice to​ those attending the college.

The number of​ ‘gay friendly’ colleges and universities in​ America has grown substantially as​ a​ result of​ College Pride and the work of​ their members. a​ large number of​ schools have their own college pride group that offers emotional support as​ well as​ a​ social environment for gay youth attending the college.

The College Pride staffs are members of​ the National Association for College Admission Counselling and actively support the work of​ the Human Rights Campaign and the many other organisations making a​ difference in​ the lives of​ gay youth. College Pride also work closely with gay youth organisations from around the world to​ exchange ideas and help strengthen the international gay youth friendship movement.

The mission of​ College Pride is​ to​ help gay youth to​ deal with the problems facing them as​ they decide to​ attend college. Often the gay student has suffered immensely from intolerance, rejection or​ even violence from people before college and College Pride want to​ ensure that the same does not continue once they begin their college course. Through education and support, College Pride is​ taking the fear out of​ attending college for more and more gay youth of​ America and bringing a​ higher level of​ understanding and acceptance from the non-gay students and educational professionals.

There will always be areas of​ America that are less accepting of​ gays or​ lesbians but College Pride is​ making huge inroads into changing the perception of​ many people who misunderstand the difficulties that being a​ gay youth can bring and helping bridge the gap between gays and non-gays countrywide. College life can be hard enough without the prejudice that many gay youth encounter but now college Pride is​ making it​ more possible for gay and lesbian students to​ start afresh at​ college and be accepted for who they are.

The College Pride Organisation From The Start

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