The Cheapskates Guide To Finding The Best Ecommerce Web Hosting

The Cheapskates Guide To Finding The Best Ecommerce Web Hosting

When you’re setting up business online, the​ provider you choose for​ your ecommerce web hosting is​ absolutely one of​ the​ most critical decisions you make. in​ a​ manner of​ speaking, this is​ where you will live for​ the​ rest of​ your business life – and​ you know what a​ hassle moving can be.

It is​ the​ location where your customers will come, where your online “building” will be. You want to​ make sure that your customers can visit your place and​ do business with you, and​ have a​ pleasant experience so they’ll come back again and​ again. You don’t want to​ have any problems either, because you’re open 24 hours a​ day, 7 days a​ week, and​ any time people can’t get to​ you, you’re losing money.

You want to​ know that you can set up your shop and​ have everything work the​ way you expect it​ to, plus if​ ever any issues do come up, they’ll be resolved immediately. Not in​ a​ few hours, now. So you want a​ hosting company that will be reliable, be trouble-free, plus won't eat into your profits.

Here are several of​ the​ really important things to​ look for​ when choosing a​ good web host.

1. How long have they been around? When it​ comes to​ your website, you want to​ work with a​ company that has been around long enough to​ have perfected what they do.

2. Do they have great customer support that is​ available around the​ clock There is​ nothing worse than having your site go down and​ having to​ wait until they decide to​ come to​ work. the​ hours seem like days and​ will be costing you money.

3. Do they have a​ state-of-the-art site themselves? You can bet that if​ a​ hosting company has an​ unprofessional website then the​ company is​ also run sloppily. You want to​ make sure that your hosting company has high standards for​ themselves.

4. Are they certified hacker safe? if​ you are going to​ be collecting names and​ emails on your site, then you absolutely have to​ know that your clients' information is​ safe. if​ this gets lost, it​ can kill your business.

5. Are they willing to​ help you get set up - at​ no charge? Services such as​ free transfer of​ your domains, files, databases, etc. is​ a​ huge time saver, and​ if​ they truly want you to​ do business with them, they'll help you take care of​ these matters. a​ truly friendly host will give you a​ domain name at​ no extra charge.

6. Are they asking a​ reasonable fee for​ their services? Though they may be hard to​ find, there are several good and​ reliable hosting companies for​ under $10 per month.

Your web hosting should be one thing that you set up once and​ basically forget about it​ after that. This is​ one aspect of​ having a​ website that you don't want to​ spend your time on once you're underway. if​ you currently have a​ host where you know everyone in​ the​ support department from calling so much, then perhaps you should consider changing your hosting provider.

The Cheapskates Guide To Finding The Best Ecommerce Web Hosting

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