The Causes Of Snoring Possible Treatments

The Causes Of Snoring Possible Treatments

Although there are a​ number of​ possible factors that may lead to​ snoring, there are several main causes that are most commonly believed to​ be the​ root cause of​ this nighttime nuisance.

One of​ the​ leading causes of​ snoring is​ obesity, which is​ also linked to​ other health problems. Therefore, many physicians recommend a​ well-balanced program featuring both diet and​ exercise to​ not only prevent snoring, but to​ improve their overall health.

When it​ comes to​ sleeping positions, many people simply look for​ comfort. While this is​ a​ very important part of​ getting a​ quality night’s sleep, individuals who suffer from snoring often need to​ look for​ much more than just comfort. Sleeping on your side may be one way of​ curbing your snoring problem. When an​ individual sleeps on their back, the​ tissue in​ the​ back of​ the​ throat tends to​ relax and​ often restricts the​ airway. When this occurs, snoring may be a​ result. Therefore, side sleeping is​ a​ possible remedy.

As the​ years go by and​ age seems to​ creep up on all of​ us, snoring is​ often not far behind. in​ fact, one of​ the​ leading factors that cause snoring is​ age. Some researchers believe that the​ skin in​ an​ individual’s throat begins to​ lose elasticity as​ it​ ages. When this happens, there is​ a​ better likelihood that the​ skin will relax during sleep and​ cause the​ airway to​ be restricted.

One of​ the​ most serious causes of​ snoring is​ a​ disorder known as​ sleep apnea. if​ left untreated, this ailment may lead to​ more serious medical conditions, such as​ heart problems, a​ stroke or​ other illness. the​ signs of​ sleep apnea include excessive and​ loud snoring, pauses between breathes during sleep, awakening during the​ night with a​ feeling of​ choking or​ difficulty breathing, etc. an​ individual who suffers from sleep apnea may notice one or​ all of​ the​ aforementioned symptoms due to​ the​ fact that, with this illness, the​ airway becomes completely blocked and​ may actually cause the​ sufferer to​ stop breathing on one or​ more occasions throughout the​ night. the​ only way to​ properly diagnose sleep apnea is​ with the​ help of​ a​ physician and, quite often, a​ sleep study.

Typically ordered by a​ physician, a​ sleep study is​ designed to​ diagnose the​ exact cause of​ snoring. During this test, the​ sufferer spends one night at​ a​ sleep center, where he/she is​ regularly monitored in​ order to​ detect any abnormal breathing or​ snoring patterns. the​ results are then given to​ a​ physician, who will make the​ final diagnosis and​ recommend the​ best course of​ treatment.

This article is​ intended for​ informational purposes only. it​ should not be used as, in​ place of​ or​ in​ conjunction with professional medical advice relating to​ snoring. Before beginning any treatment for​ snoring, individuals must consult a​ doctor for​ a​ proper diagnosis and​ recommended treatment.

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