The Casinos In Las Vegas

The Casinos In Las Vegas

With all the​ new shopping centers,​ restaurants and entertainment offered by Las Vegas these days it's easy to​ forget about the​ casinos. But they are still the​ center of​ attraction for many. Vegas still has many of​ the​ old-time icons to​ offer like the​ Sahara. But many new ones have sprouted up in​ just the​ past decade. Even those as​ old as​ 40 years have seen major renovations in​ the​ past few years,​ to​ compete and to​ keep that youthful spirit ever fresh.

Come to​ Hollywood. the​ granddaddy of​ modern Vegas,​ the​ casino complex is​ built to​ resemble a​ huge movie set,​ sort of​ like James Bond on​ steroids. Even with the​ 16,​000 seat auditorium and dozens of​ restaurants,​ there's still plenty of​ room for gaming. Whether you're an​ old-timer who still wants to​ play keno or​ you're a​ young stud or​ studette with an​ itch for high stakes poker,​ you won't walk away disappointed. Empty-pocketed,​ maybe.

For the​ real James Bond feel to​ your gaming fun,​ check out one of​ the​ newer kids in​ town. With re-creations of​ the​ Eiffel Tower,​ the​ Arc de Triomphe and the​ Louvre,​ the​ place is​ easy to​ spot. But save your eagle eye to​ spot that ace that just went to​ your left. Also be sure to​ save some money after all the​ Baccarat to​ spend on​ a​ lady at​ Le Cabaret where the​ Euro bands entertain.

After Paris,​ only Egypt will look exotic. the​ Luxor is​ a​ 360ft/110m high glass pyramid that shines in​ the​ desert sun like a​ mirage. Get yourself worked up for some hot action with the​ dice as​ you face off with the​ fez. With an​ Olympic-sized pool to​ cool off in​ after a​ hot night's gambling,​ you'll find it​ has every kind of​ game imaginable. Apart from the​ thousands of​ slot machines,​ hundreds of​ poker tables,​ roulette wheels and the​ like,​ there's a​ virtual gaming room. Unreal.

From ancient Egypt,​ travel to​ the​ tropics and enjoy some of​ the​ jazz featured at​ Mandalay Bay. Between Broadway shows in​ the​ 12,​000 seat theater,​ you can enjoy some fine roulette. Be sure to​ bet on​ black,​ since you want to​ avoid being in​ the​ red after a​ few hours at​ house odds. When you're done you can drown your sorrows or​ celebrate your winnings with a​ cool drink at​ the​ bar near the​ sandy beach.

Caesars remains the​ Las Vegas king. Around for decades,​ it​ still offers some of​ the​ hottest tables,​ the​ coolest dealers and the​ sexiest waitresses in​ town. Get ready to​ roll the​ dice amid the​ splendor of​ the​ Imperial Roman decor,​ then relax in​ the​ spa and gloat. Go to​ Cleopatra's later for some dancing or​ enjoy a​ show in​ the​ Omnimax Theater. Whether you like Texas Hold 'Em or​ European-style roulette,​ or​ just want to​ punch a​ dollar into a​ slot and watch the​ wheels spin,​ the​ casinos in​ Vegas have something for you. Be nice to​ the​ dealers,​ though. the​ hotels still hire large,​ serious looking gentlemen as​ managers to​ keep everyone polite.

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