The Bridal Show Success Guide

The Bridal Show Success Guide

The Bridal Show Success Guide
The Successful Bridal Show Guide
It's bridal show season again .. .​
with the time and money you put into being in​ bridal shows, you want to​ get the most out of​ your presence there, right?! Here are some tips...
1 .​
Be sure to​ advertise that you will be at​ the Show! Post it​ on your website, send out flyers, etc.: Don't forget to​ come see us at​ the ‘Bridal Show’ on this date, this location, this time, etc. .​
Placing a​ sticker on the back of​ business cards and handing them out at​ Shows is​ a​ great advertisement as​ well – be sure to​ tell them that you have a​ bridal program and do personal consultations for FREE and ask them to​ give any brides they know your card!
2 .​
Once you are there, make sure you are set up and prepared before the brides start coming in! Bring plenty of​ literature (brochures and such)—it is​ better to​ have too many than to​ run out! Keep your booth clean and attractive, not cluttered.
3 .​
Come up with something creative to​ set yourself apart from your competition and bring attention to​ your booth: i.e .​
an​ exciting theme, a​ special offer, demonstrations, giveaways, samples, etc... .​
I​ use a​ small white Xmas tree with lia sophia boxes and silver ribbons tied to​ each one hanging all over the tree with a​ Bride tree topper (It’s a​ porcelain doll tree topper with a​ gorgeous white dress on)! Bring your Calendar! Book the Shows right then!
4 .​
Have a​ 3-minute infomercial planned – rehearse it​ and know it! You have approx 3 minutes to​ convince a​ passer-by that you offer a​ service they need!

5 .​
Don't forget to​ dress the part! Think of​ it​ like a​ business meeting, because in​ a​ sense that is​ what it​ is .​
The brides are looking for people to​ do business with .​
You wouldn't show up to​ a​ wedding in​ everyday clothes would you?
6 .​
Never leave your booth unattended! And don't eat at​ your booth .​
You always want to​ portray a​ professional image .​
Even if​ it​ seems slow, you never know who might be watching.
7 .​
When brides come by your booth, start up a​ conversation with them! Ask, Are you planning your special day? Be outgoing and excited about their day and be excited about your services and don't forget to​ SMILE .​
Remember –it is​ ALL ABOUT THE BRIDE! Ask if​ she has a​ photo of​ her gown or​ has one picked out – let her know you do you private consultations! If she has a​ photo, compliment her! Gush ladies – make her feel special!
8 .​
Even if​ the Show has brides register when they come in, try to​ get them to​ register with you as​ well .​
Giveaways and special drawings at​ your booth can help here, too .​
Offer an​ incentive for booking a​ Show that day or​ for scheduling their consultation! FREE shipping is​ an​ awesome incentive!
9 .​
Once the show is​ over, contact your leads as​ soon as​ possible (1-3 days) to​ remind them of​ your services .​
Send out a​ letter or​ postcard thanking them for stopping by your booth and congratulating them again on their engagement .​
Offer some sort of​ show discount or​ incentive to​ get them to​ set a​ consultation with you.
10 .​
Follow up .​
a​ week or​ so after your first contact, give them a​ call and/or send an​ email to​ keep you fresh on their minds .​
Offer again some sort of​ incentive with a​ deadline .. .​
i.e .​
Get your free wedding website just for meeting with us! Hurry, offer ends September 1st! (Maybe a​ month or​ so after the Bridal Show date) .​
Then you might consider offering another bonus for booking a​ show with you.

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