The Bodily Rundown On Eco Friendly Skin Care

The Bodily Rundown On Eco Friendly Skin Care

The Bodily Rundown on​ EcoFriendly Skin Care
Cracked,​ sore heels,​ dried out hands,​ brittle,​ split nails,​ tight,​ dry facial skin and​ smelly feet . ​
Sound familiar? a​ week or​ so working in​ the​ garden and​ there you​ have it,​ all these skin care problems on​ one sorry body . ​
So how do you​ fix it​ all without taking out a​ small mortgage and​ remaining ecofriendly? Never fear there are ways to​ get that skin and​ body back in​ top condition and​ theres no better place to​ start than from the​ top!
Synthetic face creams can coat the​ skin trapping the​ moisture beneath and​ this can cause irritation because the​ skin cannot breathe normally . ​

Creams based on​ plant oils and​ Shea butter benefit the​ skin by nourishing it​ with vitamins and​ minerals,​ thus building up strong,​ healthy skin cells that will surface over a​ few weeks . ​

Vitamins E,​ a​ and​ C have been shown to​ prevent premature aging and​ wrinkles and​ can repair minor skin problems like an​ uneven skin tone . ​
the​ nourishing oils of​ rose hip and​ evening primrose can rejuvenate the​ skin,​ while ingredients such as​ spirulina stimulate tissue regeneration and​ cucumber can help clear blemishes . ​

Cracked,​ sore heels and​ smelly feet can be a​ constant problem in​ many households with people of​ all ages,​ but a​ little natural care taken weekly can help heal and​ prevent further complications . ​
Soaking the​ feet in​ a​ bucket of​ warm water to​ which is​ added a​ cup of​ bicarbonate of​ soda will soften and​ deodorize the​ feet . ​
After fifteen minutes gently use a​ foot scrub to​ remove the​ dry skin and​ then dry thoroughly . ​
Apply a​ little natural foot cream that contains antibacterial essential oils and​ then cover with socks to​ let the​ cream penetrate deeply into the​ skin . ​
This easy routine will prevent fungal infections and​ keep your feet smelling fresh and​ clean . ​

Natural hand and​ nail creams containing ingredients such as​ Shea butter,​ avocado,​ macadamia,​ apricot and​ almond oils,​ vitamins and​ aloe vera will not only moisturize the​ hands but also strengthen the​ nails,​ fade age spots and​ smooth the​ skin . ​
Hand scrubs can speed up cell regeneration on​ the​ hands and​ should be used weekly to​ remove dry,​ flaky skin and​ dead cells . ​

An easy hand scrub to​ make at​ home is​ with sugar and​ olive oil . ​
Just mix together to​ a​ pleasant consistency and​ gently massage the​ mixture on​ the​ hands for​ a​ few minutes . ​
Rinse and​ apply a​ good natural hand cream . ​

Getting into the​ ecofriendly mode of​ natural skin care will keep you​ looking good and​ you​ will also be doing your body a​ great chemical free favor!

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