The Birth Of The Evolutionary Psychology And Its Theories

The Birth Of The Evolutionary Psychology And Its Theories

350 years ago William Harvey was the first to​ state that the hearts main purpose was to​ circulate blood throughout the body. This was in​ direct contrast to​ the rest of​ the world that was in​ the thought process that the heart was the center for emotions and love while the brain was the main area for circulation. This revelation led to​ what we now know as​ evolutionary psychology or​ the theory of​ cognitive structure for the survival of​ the person.

The theory goes that the human body is​ nothing more than a​ mass of​ systems that work together in​ unison to​ survive. The evolution came into play as​ we were being formed, when the body is​ made to​ be a​ collection of​ different resources for the rest of​ the body to​ use at​ will. This also speaks to​ the central nervous system, more specifically the brain. This theory contends that the brain is​ not one organ but a​ collection of​ many systems that have evolved over time to​ become a​ mass processor for the information that we take in.

Again it​ goes back to​ the natural selection debate at​ this point where it​ states that the body is​ functionally responsible for its own survival because it​ is​ acting as​ several organisms that are designed to​ fight off the attacks. Now the theory is​ not complete in​ this area as​ there are no real predators of​ the human being, so many believe that natural selection does not apply. This also brings up the ethics issue because if​ the theory is​ taken at​ face value with no explanation then it​ is​ possible to​ read into it​ that the sick and old can be picked off to​ make way for the new.

The primary function for the evolutionary psychology theory is​ the study of​ the brain and how it​ can function in​ the manner that it​ does. While we have come a​ long way over the years in​ knowing how the body works, there are still hundreds if​ not thousands of​ unanswered questions about brain function. This is​ why this theory is​ in​ place all over the world in​ medical research practices. if​ a​ model of​ the brain can be determined that helps the medical community to​ understand the way that it​ functions it​ is​ possible to​ wipe out disease in​ many ways.

Many people believe that the brain actually has healing properties on its own. There have been many cases of​ patients that have severe trauma to​ many parts of​ their bodies and go into a​ coma. After so long they awake and are normal and functioning adults without any kind of​ ill side effects.

The Birth Of The Evolutionary Psychology And Its Theories

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