The Best Web Traffic Generating Secret

There are many advantages to​ writing articles and​ distributing them to​ online article directories. Driving more visitors to​ your web site is​ just one of​ the​ benefits.

Article directories allow you to​ include a​ resource box at​ the​ end of​ your article with a​ link back to​ your web site. This translates into more visitors and​ back links to​ your web site.

Most likely, these links will help your search engine ranking because major search engines count back links as​ a​ factor to​ rank web sites. So be sure to​ add the​ URL to​ your web site using anchor text with your key words.

Writing articles on a​ specific topic and​ submitting them to​ article directories can establish you as​ an​ expert. and​ online credibility counts a​ lot!

Hundreds of​ web site owners are looking for​ fresh online content. Your articles will help other web masters to​ add valuable content to​ their web sites. it​ is​ a​ win – win situation!

It is​ totally free. Submit your articles to​ article directories for​ free. You will only need to​ invest some of​ your time to​ write a​ nice article and​ a​ little more time to​ submit it​ to​ article directories.

You can submit your articles manually but it​ can take a​ lot of​ your time to​ do so, especially if​ you plan to​ submit your article to​ many article directories.

Another option is​ to​ use an​ Article Submitter. This software submits your articles to​ one or​ two hundred article directories almost automatically saving you time and​ efforts.

I know, writing a​ nice article takes time, but it​ can become very rewarding. Keep your articles short, about 400 - 800 words. Do not copy from other writers. Check your grammar and​ spelling. Write a​ title that makes your reader want to​ read more. Include a​ call to​ action like click here. Believe it​ or​ not, it​ can make a​ difference! Add a​ link back to​ your web site in​ your resource box.

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