The Best Way To Build Muscle

The Best Way To Build Muscle

The best way to​ build muscle does depend to​ a​ degree on individual characteristics. The genetic features of​ each individual are different, so there is​ no simple solution which will work for everyone. Here in​ this article we help you discover the best way to​ build muscle.

Tip 1
One factor that is​ often overlooked, especially by those who tend to​ throw themselves into something without really thinking, is​ that the muscles need adequate rest in​ order to​ grow. Trying to​ exercise too often, or​ too hard, can only bring the opposite result from the one you need. Not only that, you are risking an​ injury which could set your progress back by months. Realise that you don't have to​ achieve everything overnight.

Tip 2
Kid yourself in​ a​ positive way. The biggest key to​ achieving any long term bodily change is​ to​ do whatever you do consistently, but there are always days when you just don't feel like it. On days like this, you can go to​ the gym with the intention of​ just doing 20 minutes just to​ keep your hand in. You may well find that once you get started, you stay there a​ lot longer.

Tip 3
One of​ the most effective techniques for packing on muscle is​ to​ keep lifting until shutdown. Shutdown means the point where your body can't manage to​ lift any more, and your muscles just give up. if​ you can, try to​ reach the shutdown from the weight, rather than the number of​ reps. Excess reps can be self defeating.

Tip 4
Try to​ work with supersets. Super sets are very intensive, and are very time effective. They offer the potential for greater gains in​ a​ shorter period of​ time. How do you do a​ superset? These are where you cut down your rest time between one set of​ reps, and the next one. Whatever your normal rest time before you start the next set, try cutting it​ right down, even to​ below a​ minute. This will certainly be something which both you and your muscles will notice!

Different people will benefit from different techniques, but what you have learned in​ this article should help you find the best way to​ build up your muscles.

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