The Best Time To Get Discounted Air Line Tickets And Hotels To

The Best Time To Get Discounted Air Line Tickets And Hotels To Mauritius.

I’ve been to​ Mauritius to​ escape the English winter, this was some years ago, when there were winters. We went in​ March, and spent a​ fortune. One of​ my female employees went to​ Cyprus at​ the same time. She came home with an​ incredible tan, and we didn’t because there was little sun in​ Mauritius, because we were in​ the area of​ influence of​ a​ tropical depression which sat offshore during our entire stay!!

It was a​ steep learning curve, because we assumed the best time to​ go to​ Mauritius was in​ our European winter, and now I know this to​ be wrong. The weather in​ Mauritius in​ January February or​ March, can be beautiful, but now I know that there is​ a​ serious risk of​ tropical cyclones, and you can have ten days of​ foul weather!!

The other months to​ avoid are July and August, because again the weather is​ often very unreliable. Many people don’t realise that Mauritius being south of​ the equator , means that August is​ the middle of​ the winter, so temperatures can be lower than at​ home in​ the UK. I feel for many honeymoon couples who have booked one of​ the many delux hotels in​ Mauritius, only to​ discover it​ isn’t blue sky and tropical temperatures.

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If you want discount air fares to​ Mauritius, and steeply discounted hotel deals, then you need to​ look outside of​ the time of​ year discussed so far, that is​ quite obvious. The best months to​ go are April, May, October, and November.

Out of​ all of​ these months, May stands out as​ the best month, when the weather is​ not so wet and unpredictable, yet it​ is​ still warm enough at​ 29 degrees centigrade. Most importantly that is​ the month of​ the big tempting discounts from discounted air line tickets to​ amazing hotel deals.

Choose May to​ take a​ vacation in​ Mauritius and save money!!

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