The Best Ski Vacations

The Best Ski Vacations

Looking for a​ great way to​ please the​ family? Consider a​ ski vacation. Everyone loves to​ ski,​ and there are many great locations to​ take the​ family to​ for a​ good time. Take a​ look at​ these locations.

Sugarloaf,​ in​ the​ great state of​ Maine,​ is​ a​ ski resort sure to​ please your family. Located on​ a​ mountain named,​ appropriately,​ Sugarloaf Mountain,​ it​ has a​ grand history. in​ 1951 the​ first trail was cut by a​ group known as​ a​ the​ Bigelow Boys. it​ is​ today a​ premier ski area of​ the​ Northeast United States,​ second in​ elevation onto to​ the​ highest mountain in​ Main,​ Mount Katahdin. at​ the​ summit of​ Sugarloaf is​ a​ life to​ take the​ skier above treeline.

New Hampshire offers fine skiing at​ Cannon Mountain,​ home of​ the​ New England Ski Museum,​ which contains the​ most extensive collection of​ historical ski equipment,​ literature,​ film,​ clothing,​ photographs,​ and artwork on​ the​ East Coast. the​ extensive archive is​ renowned by scholars and historians across the​ U.S.,​ and the​ Museum is​ officially recognized by the​ United States Ski Association as​ a​ Regional Museum,​ one of​ only four in​ the​ country,​ and sure to​ please a​ ski enthusiast.

On the​ south short of​ Georgian Bay in​ Ontario,​ Canada,​ Blue Mountain prides itself on​ being the​ largest ski area in​ the​ province. the​ resort offers several six man chair lifts and a​ pedestrian village is​ under construction. Enjoy your visit to​ Blue Mountain for a​ fantastic and unique experience.

In upstate New York,​ Whiteface Mountain reigns king among ski resorts. the​ fifth highest mountain in​ New York State and one of​ the​ High Peaks of​ the​ Adirondack range Whiteface Mountain offers a​ 360 degree view of​ the​ mountains and on​ a​ clear day a​ visitor can see both Vermont and Canada. Near Lake Placid,​ Whiteface Mountain has a​ ski area with the​ greatest vertical drop in​ the​ eastern part of​ the​ country. in​ 1980 Whiteface hosted the​ alpine skiing competition of​ the​ Winter Olympics.

Aspen Mountain in​ Colorado is​ world famous for fine skiing. Still called by the​ old name of​ Ajax by the​ locals,​ Aspen is​ a​ skier’s delight,​ as​ are most Colorado resorts,​ including Vail. Another world famous western state resort is​ in​ Park City,​ Utah,​ home of​ the​ 2002 Winter Olympic Games. All of​ the​ resorts listed provide great skiing.

Modern skiing evolved gradually from snow shoeing,​ and a​ Norwegian,​ Sondre Norheim,​ is​ thought of​ as​ the​ father of​ modern skiing. in​ the​ 1800’s he invented the​ form of​ skiing he called Slalom,​ but which we​ know today as​ Telemark skiing. While skiing has practical transportation value in​ many colder climate countries,​ and many militaries train troops in​ skiing,​ most people think of​ the​ sport involving taking a​ ski lift to​ the​ top of​ a​ mountain for a​ fast and fun downhill ride. When engaged in​ this activity most people prefer to​ wear warm clothing and follow runs,​ trails or​ slopes—patrolled ski routes that are checked for safety. Skiers also enjoy cross country skiing,​ but for safety sake most stay within the​ boundaries of​ the​ resort. in​ fact,​ most European countries have laws against cross country skiing outside of​ the​ resort’s boundaries due to​ the​ danger of​ avalanche and the​ high cost of​ search and rescue operations.

Skiing enthusiasts report a​ euphoria that comes from skiing,​ a​ feeling they liken to​ flying and many more people are engaged in​ the​ sport today than ever before,​ with many fine ski schools teaching the​ basics. Even if​ you’ve never skied before,​ the​ basic skills can be acquired quickly and you’ll be on​ the​ slopes enjoying yourself in​ a​ way you’ve never experienced before. Skiing is​ a​ great way to​ get in​ good physical shape,​ and at​ the​ end of​ the​ day,​ sitting around a​ fireplace in​ the​ lodge,​ bundled up with a​ warm blanket,​ and your spouse sitting next to​ you,​ holding a​ cup of​ hot cocoa in​ hand for sipping. This is​ the​ perfect ending to​ a​ wonderful day,​ which you’ll experience at​ any of​ the​ six great ski vacation resorts listed. So give a​ ski vacation a​ try,​ and be very glad you did.

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