The Best Online Casino Player Rewards Programs

The Best Online Casino Player Rewards Programs

Whether they’re called VIP programs,​ Player Rewards Programs,​ Premium Clubs,​ Player’s Clubs,​ or​ anything of​ the​ like,​ any online casino,​ to​ be considered the​ best online casino,​ must have one. These programs pump players up with bonuses,​ prizes,​ contests,​ and cash-back rewards (among other great gifts) in​ addition to​ any monies the​ players may win at​ the​ actual online casino games. Hardcore online casino players look for these types of​ incentives when scouting for new online casinos to​ play at,​ and they dutifully review,​ analyze,​ compare and contrast these offerings.

What does one find inn a​ VIP Program or​ Player’s Club? No matter how they clothe it,​ and no matter how many other great incentives they include,​ nearly every online casino VIP program (and certainly the​ best online casino VIP programs) has some sort of​ player points system.
Player points or​ loyalty points (these too are called many different things but,​ like a​ rose by any other name,​ is​ still the​ same) are awarded to​ players based on​ the​ dollar amount of​ each wager. a​ $1 wager may earn you 10 player points or​ $10 may earn you 1 player point. How many points you earn for how many dollars is​ not nearly as​ important as​ how many points it​ takes to​ redeem your player rewards -- be they free entries into hot tournaments,​ be they cool merchandise,​ or​ be it​ cold hard cash.

When searching for the​ best online casino player points systems,​ evaluate then not only how much you have to​ spend to​ earn how many points,​ but what exactly those points will ultimately earn you.

It costs nothing to​ join an​ online casino’s player rewards program and,​ in​ fact,​ most online casinos automatically sign you up for it​ when you first sign up as​ a​ player at​ the​ casino.

VIP programs often offer their “members” members-only games that “regular players” don’t get to​ be a​ part of. the​ buy-ins are usually cheaper (or free),​ often paid for with player points,​ and the​ prizes are usually bigger. Some VIP programs will give players a​ percentage back of​ their losses or​ winnings at​ the​ end of​ each month too.

Many VIP programs also offer varying levels of​ benefits to​ their most loyal players based on​ a​ multi-tiered system. For example,​ a​ player may start out at​ the​ Bronze level and,​ after earning a​ certain amount of​ points,​ get booted up to​ the​ Silver level. After accumulating another specified amount of​ points,​ the​ player becomes a​ Gold member,​ and then a​ Platinum member,​ etc.,​ etc.

The benefits available to​ players in​ each level increase in​ scale accordingly. For example,​ a​ player’s cash-back percentage may go from 1% to​ 2%. the​ amount of​ points a​ player earns for each $1 wagered may go up (such as​ from $0.001 to​ $0.01). the​ player’s redemption rate (how many points they have to​ spend to​ cash out a​ single dollar) may go down from 1,​000 points to​ 100 points. the​ amount of​ members-only games the​ player will be invited to​ join in​ on​ (as well as​ the​ stakes) may increase.

Redeposit bonuses are often given to​ players who make subsequent deposits into their online casino accounts beyond their first deposit. Although it​ doesn’t take membership in​ a​ VIP program to​ be offered this kind of​ bonus occasionally,​ you’ll find it​ offered far more often (and in​ some cases upon each and every deposit) to​ members of​ such a​ program or​ club. Tiered player rewards programs will often increase the​ percentage of​ the​ redeposit bonuses as​ players climb up from one tier to​ the​ next.

The best online casino player rewards programs are often provided by a​ separate entity from the​ online casino itself,​ and include many online casinos under its flag. For example,​ the​ prominent Casino Rewards program includes 12 online casinos and 5 online poker rooms. Player points accumulated at​ any of​ these participating casinos go into the​ player’s singular player rewards account and rewards can be redeemed at​ any participating casino,​ including those where the​ player hasn’t played a​ single game or​ earned a​ single point. Peak Rewards is​ another of​ the​ most popular and best online casino player rewards programs,​ with 5 casinos under its arch.

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