The Best In Audio Video Tools

The Best In Audio Video Tools
What do you use your computer for? Long gone are the​ days when the​ computer was strictly a​ data processing tools .​
Today,​ the​ computer is​ an​ all-purpose media entertainment center .​
Its capabilities have gone far beyond keeping a​ catalog of​ all your movies and music – it’s even gone beyond playing all your favorite music and movies .​
These days,​ with the​ right tools you can splice,​ cut,​ record,​ edit,​ mix,​ create and publish your own media .​
And to​ accompany the​ new capabilities there’s a​ dizzying array of​ new software tools that can help you do everything from rip CDs to​ encode complete animations and videos .​
How do you find the​ best new software tools?
Enter,​ one of​ the​ fastest growing download sites for audio and video software .​
Just like their name says,​ the​ site is​ all about the​ software that you need to​ do everything you want with anything audio or​ video .​
This is​ not just another software directory .​ lists powerful audio and video tools in​ 14 different categories from CD rippers to​ cell phone utilities .​
Whether you want to​ do something as​ simple as​ convert a​ wav to​ an​ mp3 or​ as​ complex as​ create a​ full-length video from scratch,​ you’ll find the​ tools you need to​ do it​ at​ .​
And you’ll find them easily .​
There’s no need to​ wade through page after page of​ directory structure .​
You can search all categories from the​ front page on​ the​ site,​ or​ click on​ a​ category to​ go directly to​ browsing that category .​
You’ll find video editors,​ audio editors,​ CD rippers,​ imaging software,​ video and audio converters,​ complete all-in-one packages and more .​
There are shareware listings,​ commercial listings and freeware listings – in​ short,​ just about everything you’d ever want to​ play with your media.
Each listing includes a​ capsule description and a​ full review as​ well as​ a​ side box that lists all the​ important details about the​ software – including both a​ staff and user rating,​ and the​ chance to​ enter your own rating .​
The categories include All-in-One,​ Media Players,​ CD Rippers,​ CD Burners,​ Converters,​ DVD software,​ Editors,​ ID3 Tag Editors,​ Mobile Phone Tools,​ Plugins,​ Radio and Broadcasting (plogcasting,​ anyone?),​ Recorders,​ Utilities and Voice and Text editors.
The reviews are comprehensive,​ listing all the​ capabilities of​ each software package and how well it​ performs each function .​
It’s a​ nice bonus that’s not often found on​ pure directories .​
For software publishers,​ offers multiple opportunities for exposure .​
There’s an​ easy submission tool to​ add a​ free listing of​ you audio or​ video software,​ and many different ways to​ increase the​ exposure of​ your listing at​ very reasonable rates .​
You can opt for a​ featured listing,​ front page exposure,​ top level search results,​ footer text links and more.
Among the​ most popular software featured at​ is​ Blaze Media Pro,​ the​ popular powerhouse all-in-one media tool that converts between all available video and audio formats .Rip,​ burn,​ convert,​ edit,​ capture,​ create,​ extract and combine files to​ create your own unique media .​ is​ a​ young and growing directory with a​ lot of​ promise .​
The directory structure is​ easy to​ follow and intuitive,​ the​ reviews and descriptions complete enough to​ intrigue and the​ array of​ features for software publishers wide enough to​ attract the​ best tools the​ net has to​ offer .​
If you need the​ tools to​ do absolutely anything with media files,​ this is​ the​ place to​ find the​ tools that you need.

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