The Best Bar Tools For Novice To Pro Bartenders

The Best Bar Tools For Novice To Pro Bartenders
Bar accessories come in​ many varieties and types .​
You may wonder what items are essential for bartending,​ and which bar accessories are not necessary .​
a​ well-equipped bar has all the​ bar accessories required to​ mix a​ variety of​ cocktails,​ highballs,​ and special drinks without improper substitution .​
Therefore,​ choosing the​ right bar tools is​ not just a​ case of​ guessing or​ settling for a​ group of​ matching bar accessories that might not have everything you need .​
That is​ not to​ say that all-inclusive bar accesories kits aren't a​ great way to​ start your bar accessories collection:
One of​ the​ easiest ways to​ equip a​ bar with bar accessories is,​ of​ course,​ to​ purchase an​ all-inclusive set or​ kit .​
If you want to​ suit your bar with more specific bar accessories,​ it​ is​ usually a​ better idea to​ purchase each piece of​ your equipment separately .​
The complete bar accessories kit is​ nothing to​ sneer at,​ however .​
Some like the​ look of​ well-matched bar accessories,​ especially for home and private bars .​
What could match more perfectly than items created as​ a​ set? the​ problem is,​ a​ lot of​ complete bar accessories kits might be missing an​ essential object or​ two that you might need available,​ and some of​ the​ higher-end bar accessories like all-in-one tools are not available as​ part of​ the​ set.
The advantage to​ a​ bar accessories set is,​ of​ course,​ the​ fact that items are a​ single purchase,​ and usually the​ cost of​ a​ set is​ cheaper than buying items singly for your collection .​
Keep in​ mind to​ choose an​ all-inclusive set that features full-sized bar accessories; some sets have slightly smaller sized shakers and essentials,​ which may make the​ convenient set a​ little less convenient,​ especially if​ you need to​ mix larger-volume drinks .​
In addition,​ be especially cautious not to​ choose a​ set that is​ attractive but not sturdy .​
You want to​ select bar accessories that will hold up well over an​ extended time .​
Here is​ a​ list of​ bar accessories essentials that every bartender should have readily available:
Shaker - the​ cocktail shaker is​ one of​ the​ most essential bar accessories .​
Cocktail shakers can be made of​ plastic,​ metal,​ and even glass,​ but you must take a​ lot of​ matters into consideration when selecting the​ perfect cocktail shaker for your bar accessories arsenal .​
Size,​ composition,​ and quality are all considerations for the​ shaker,​ which is​ considered by many to​ be the​ king of​ all bar accessories .​
The reasons for this are simple .​
Size matters in​ a​ cocktail shaker because a​ person accustomed to​ mixing drinks one at​ a​ time and exclusively focusing on​ martinis might be satisfied with a​ smaller shaker,​ where someone used to​ bartending at​ parties might decide this is​ one of​ the​ bar accessories that has to​ be standard to​ large size .​
Composition depends a​ lot on​ personal taste,​ but remember that a​ stainless steel cocktail shaker is​ a​ lot more conductive,​ making the​ ice work much more quickly .​
Aesthetics also comes into play; often it​ is​ desirable to​ have more than one cocktail shaker for whimsical or​ special event purposes.
Straine - a​ strainer is​ one of​ the​ most essential bar accessories .​
When you are mixing drinks that result in​ sediment or​ just for the​ purpose to​ strain ice,​ a​ bar strainer is​ necessary .​
These tools aren't completely easy to​ clean by hand,​ so be sure your cocktail strainer is​ dishwasher safe.
Corkscrew / Opener - Corkscrews come in​ a​ variety of​ shapes and sizes,​ but a​ corkscrew is​ one of​ the​ most essential bar accessories if​ you serve wine .​
Cork screws can be as​ simple as​ a​ standard old-fashioned model or​ as​ complex as​ the​ Rabbit® .​
Choose a​ corkscrew that meets your needs,​ and for an​ added bonus,​ look for one with an​ attached foil cutter.
Knife / Cutting Board - To prepare garnishes and peel ingredients,​ it​ is​ necessary to​ have a​ knife and cutting board handy .​
There are several varieties of​ these bar accessories available,​ including very pricy collectible knives .​
You need a​ very well-made,​ sturdy,​ and completely washable knife,​ preferably in​ one-piece steel for ease of​ thorough cleaning .​
Choose a​ cutting board that is​ not too

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