The Best Autism Treatment Options

The Best Autism Treatment Options

Autism is​ a​ dreadful disorder, which affects an​ individual’s ability to​ communicate and​ associate with others. Generally the​ symptoms are detected in​ the​ first three years of​ the​ child’s life. in​ the​ United States, 1 in​ 166 people are affected by this disease. Although information about autism is​ scarce, some non-profit organizations have dedicated themselves to​ increasing the​ quality of​ the​ research in​ autism in​ order to​ bring out new treatments of​ autism.

Low levels of​ vitamins and​ minerals like calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium and​ chromium continue to​ be the​ main attributed causes for​ the​ autism in​ children. it​ has been widely accepted that children suffering from autism who are treated with multivitamin/ mineral nutrient supplements show marginal improvement. Introduction of​ these nutrient supplements into the​ diet of​ autism-affected children contributes a​ lot in​ the​ improvement of​ the​ stage that includes high scholastic test scores, early neurological development, and​ scholastic test scores.

The autism-affected children treated with nutritional supplements showed improved learning abilities, experience cognitive, academic and​ substantial behavioral gains. in​ most cases, the​ follow-up research showed positive feedback from parents of​ the​ autism-affected children after treatment with nutrient supplements of​ Vitamin-B6 and​ Vitamin-c, Magnesium, Niacin, and​ dimethylglycine.

Innovative and​ Alternative Therapies for​ the​ Treatment of​ Autism

The innovative therapy found to​ be most useful in​ treating autism is​ oral secretin. This should be given three times a​ day along with supportive therapy of​ vitamins. Most patients reported that they noticed a​ change in​ behavior within the​ first three days. Improvement in​ their social skills was also noticed. the​ overall cost of​ secretin and​ vitamins may come to​ $60 which should be continued for​ two days and​ the​ vitamin supplements may be followed as​ long as​ possible.

The other possible innovative treatments for​ autism lies with stem cell therapy (where one’s own cell from bone marrow is​ used), live cell therapy (live cells extracted from the​ animal being administered to​ the​ patients), oral organ extracts (administration of​ gut cells or​ brain cells for​ maximum effect in​ the​ autism affected children), and​ Lyophilisate extracts (Lyophilisate whole cells from Cytobiopharmica are being used for​ the​ treatment of​ autism sufferers).

The use of​ the​ antibiotic vanomycin being extensively studied since it​ is​ absorbed in​ the​ gut. the​ anti-protozoan drug, Metronidazole, also holds hope in​ treating autism since it​ is​ absorbed in​ the​ intestine and​ prevent diarrhea, which is​ the​ most affected symptoms of​ autism.

Naltrexone, a​ modern medicine played an​ important role in​ autism by blocking the​ substance endorphins, which produces an​ anesthetic like feeling. Use of​ Naltrexone for​ the​ autistic individual provides renowned result with improvements in​ increased eye contact, normalized pain sensitivity, general happiness, and​ reduced stereotypic and​ self-injury behaviors. the​ appetite is​ also improved among the​ autism sufferers after the​ treatment of​ Naltrexone. the​ side effects of​ this drug on the​ autism patient are also being studied and​ found to​ be nil so far.

You should consult your primary care physician for​ further advice on the​ latest autism treatments.

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