The Benefits Of Buying Cyprus Properties

The Benefits Of Buying Cyprus Properties
You may be one of​ the many people who have fallen in​ love with Cyprus whilst holidaying there or​ maybe you are simply looking for a​ great place to​ make a​ property investment .​
Whatever your reasons for looking to​ buy property in​ Cyprus, you will find that there are a​ great number of​ benefits to​ be had from life in​ Cyprus; from the weather to​ the people .​
Below we look at​ some of​ the best:
• The Weather – As any true Brit will tell you, the appeal of​ a​ life with constant sunshine should not be underestimated .​
The temperatures, especially around the flatter coastal areas of​ the island, are ideal for the average Brit all year round and the winter is​ mild and short, with an​ average temperature of​ 17˚ C.
• Lifestyle – The lifestyle in​ Cyprus is​ typically very laid-back and relaxed .​
Many would-be ex-pats are drawn to​ Cyprus because of​ its low crime rate .​
In fact, most of​ locals don’t lock their cars or​ houses as​ the theft and burglary rate is​ so low.
• Buy to​ Let – Many of​ the properties in​ Cyprus have a​ high buy-to-let potential and this provides property investors with a​ sound investment opportunity.
• Living Costs – If you have ever been to​ Cyprus on holiday you will already know that the actual living costs are remarkably low, making it​ an​ ideal destination for the Brits.
• Local Hospitality – Not only do ex-pats find the local people extremely warm and friendly but about 90% of​ the population can speak English which makes Cyprus a​ great choice of​ places to​ live abroad if​ your foreign languages aren’t so hot.
•UK Basis – As the history of​ Cyprus has some roots in​ British rule, many ex-pats find the strong legal and financial ties to​ the UK reassuring .​
In fact, they even drive on the same side of​ the road!

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