The Benefits Of Buying And Selling Locally

The Benefits Of Buying And Selling Locally

Shop at​ a​ flea market in​ Oaxaca,​ Mexico. Trade with a​ vendor in​ London,​ England. or​ sport your wares to​ collectors in​ Geneva,​ Switzerland. you​ can virtually do just that when you​ shop or​ sell goods at​ an​ online auction site. you​ know those global auction Web sites,​ the​ ones that allow you​ to​ bid on​ thousands of​ items against millions of​ other competitors. Sure,​ they allow you​ to​ expand your world and uncover cool knickknacks from around the​ world. But these very same sites also open the​ door to​ you​ getting ripped off by someone four thousand miles away. More than 8 billion dollars were spent on​ auction sites in​ the​ last three months of​ last year,​ but how many dollars were lost along the​ way?

Aside from these global auction sites,​ there are the​ LOCAL classified sites that are transforming the​ Web into the​ spot for neighborhood shopping. These local classified sites offer convenience,​ selection,​ and low prices that would expect to​ find online,​ along with the​ safety and privacy of​ local shopping. Best of​ all,​ you​ can feel good about buying from—and also selling to—your neighbors.

Wheel and deal on​ collectibles,​ vintage clothing,​ sporting goods,​ even real estate—all with people you​ know and trust in​ the​ comfort and privacy of​ your living room or​ study. the​ benefits of​ these local classified sites don’t stop with these intangibles. They have concrete advantages,​ such as:

Spontaneous delivery.
Package deliver in​ your neighborhood may not be instantaneous,​ but you​ definitely won’t have to​ wait two to​ six weeks if​ you​ buy something locally.

What shipping?
You can agree to​ drop off or​ pick up the​ sale item at​ one of​ your homes,​ or​ meet at​ a​ convenient middle-of-the-road spot. you​ also won’t need to​ worry about finding those shipping peanuts under your couch,​ your sheets,​ and in​ your fridge two months later.

No frazzle.
Tracking codes are supposed to​ help you​ locate your packages in​ transit,​ but sometimes they can be more of​ a​ headache—especially when they don’t help find your lost package.

A friendly face.
Local classified sites let you​ meet the​ person whom you’re doing business with. of​ course,​ you​ control if,​ when,​ and where this happens.

The test drive.
Whether you’re dealing with a​ car,​ a​ mattress,​ or​ a​ tennis racket,​ you​ can actually touch and try out your item before you​ put down cold hard cash. For sellers with product as​ promised,​ that makes closing the​ deal that much easier.

Simple switcheroos.
Local shopping opens up the​ possibility of​ refunds and exchanges if​ you​ and the​ person you’re doing business agree.

More ample assortment than auctions.
Imagine buying a​ refrigerator or​ a​ couch at​ an​ auction site. Then imagine receiving that package at​ your door! Not very realistic,​ right? These sorts of​ purchases and sales,​ though,​ become a​ definite possibility with local online classifieds.

No tax tests.
You open a​ can of​ worms buying and selling across national and international borders when it​ comes to​ taxes. Who owes what? And whom? Local commerce simplifies the​ whole issue,​ if​ taxes are applicable at​ all.

A step ahead of​ scams.
Knowing whom you​ do business with,​ face-to-face transactions,​ simpler lines of​ communication—these qualities of​ local classified sites all reduce your risk of​ getting with shysters and scam artists.

A stronger community.
Shopping around your hometown not only gives you​ a​ warm,​ cuddly sense of​ community. it​ also provides the​ practical economic support that keeps communities and businesses vibrant and healthy.

So there you​ have it. There are no losers when it​ comes to​ online classified sites that allow you​ to​ do your shopping locally. Buyers and sellers enjoy an​ old-fashioned sense of​ community,​ while enjoying the​ high-tech benefits of​ convenience,​ safety,​ and comfort that come with Web shopping. Let those auction risk takers have their Oaxaca,​ London,​ and Geneva. You’ve got your Houston,​ Texas

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