The Basics Of Web Design

The Basics Of Web Design

Today’s world is​ the​ world of​ innovation and​ technology. the​ human race has seen a​ great change in​ our every day life with the​ advent of​ World Wide Web. the​ Internet is​ now the​ most important communication and​ information exchange platform. as​ the​ World Wide Web is​ gaining more and​ more importance, the​ art of​ web design is​ also gaining significance. Web design has evolved from constructing very simple web sites to​ the​ modern day web sites that support media streaming as​ well. the​ newer versions of​ websites are even more advanced technically.

The important question here is​ that what web designing actually is. People very commonly use this term but not all of​ them understand what the​ word actually means. the​ art and​ science of​ web design is​ the​ presentation and​ designing of​ websites. the​ way you see the​ web sites on the​ Internet are that way because of​ the​ web designing factor. the​ web applications of​ all kinds are also graphically presented on the​ web through web designing. the​ basic web designing is​ done most often by the​ use of​ HTML. the​ use of​ CSS as​ the​ basic design for​ web designing is​ also common. Currently the​ use of​ a​ more innovative version of​ HTML, which is​ called as​ XHTML, is​ also used in​ web designing. This is​ the​ latest trend.

The competition in​ the​ online world has increased a​ great deal. it​ is​ now very important for​ all the​ web sites to​ stand out of​ the​ crowd. All the​ new entrants in​ the​ online world have to​ worry about keeping their websites different from their competitors. This is​ important to​ them. if​ they do not pay due attention towards this fact, they will not be able to​ create a​ unique selling point for​ their website. for​ this fact, many websites today use newer technologies while building their web sites. the​ context of​ web based businesses and​ online trade is​ also important for​ the​ construction of​ a​ website. the​ technical advancement required by the​ web site depends on the​ nature of​ its use. a​ social networking website needs other facilities as​ compared to​ an​ e-commerce site.

Web designing is​ sometimes confused with web development but these are two different techniques. Configuration of​ Web server is​ included in​ web development. Web designing is​ very much related to​ construction of​ web sites.

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