The Basics Of Buying Ladies Golf Clubs Part 1

The Basics Of Buying Ladies Golf Clubs Part 1

Ladies are at​ a​ disadvantage when it​ comes to​ putting together a​ set of​ golf clubs that fits them well and from which they can get the most out of​ their games. The reason is​ that there are few choices in​ normal off-the-shelf ladies golf clubs. With typically less than 10% of​ sales for a​ golf club company coming from ladies golf clubs, there are simply few choices in​ club styles, shaft flex, swing weights, or​ lofts normally available in​ most golf shops. an​ exception to​ this is​ the excellent line offered by Nancy Lopez Golf Clubs. That is​ the subject of​ another article, but you can easily find their web site with a​ simple search.

In general women have slower swing speeds than men and need shorter clubs and higher loft. There are of​ course women with better and stronger swings than most men. Lorena Ochoa of​ the LPGA tour averages about 270 yards on her tee shots. This is​ astonishing for a​ woman who weighs about 115 pounds! She is​ the top rated professional woman player in​ the world, however, and this article is​ meant for women with less ability than the top LPGA pros possess.

Driver Considerations
You must know your swing speed with at​ least a​ driver and preferably with both driver and 5 iron. Women who can swing the driver more than 70 MPH can use titanium faced drivers effectively and take advantage of​ the spring effect off the face that such a​ club offers. if​ your driver swing speed is​ more like 60 MPH, you would have to​ find a​ special titanium face, and these are not readily available. if​ you are that serious you will probably be having custom ladies golf clubs made by a​ certified fitter and club maker. So in​ that case ask your club maker if​ he or​ she can offer options. as​ for club face loft, the slower your swing, the higher the loft is​ needed. if​ you can easily get the ball in​ the air, a​ loft of​ 13-14 degrees should work well for your driver. if​ you have trouble getting the ball in​ the air, you may need to​ use a​ 16 degree 3 wood to​ get the most out of​ your swing. Other ways to​ help get the ball a​ bit higher in​ the air are to​ use an​ offset hosel or​ a​ more flexible shaft.

Fairway Woods
Fairway woods are critical clubs for women or​ men with slower golf swings. if​ your swing speed is​ in​ the 60MPH range, you should start your fairway woods with a​ 5 wood and leave out the 3 wood. Your other woods would then probably need to​ be a​ 9 and 13 wood. The reason for skipping an​ odd numbered wood is​ because you won’t be hitting the ball that much farther with a​ 5 wood than you will with a​ 7 wood, for example. in​ other words the gap in​ distance between the two clubs is​ not enough to​ justify carrying the other club. Regarding club length, there should be at​ least a​ one inch difference for each odd numbered club. That is, the 7 wood should be one inch shorter than the 5 wood, and the 9 wood should be 2 inches shorter than the 5 wood, for example.

For women who swing 70 MPH or​ greater, a​ 3 wood could be a​ good choice, but it​ should have at​ least a​ 16 degree loft in​ order to​ keep the ball in​ the air longer. This group of​ golfers can justify having every other odd number wood in​ their bags, such as​ 3, 5, 7 and 9 woods, for example.

The Basics Of Buying Ladies Golf Clubs Part 1

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