The Advantages Of Earning An Online Lpn Nursing Degree

If you are interested in​ entering the nursing field, a​ degree as​ a​ Licensed Practical Nurse, or​ LPN, may be a​ good option for you. Depending on the state where you live, the degree may also be known as​ a​ Licensed Vocational Nurse, or​ LVN. it​ is​ the basic level of​ nursing, and requires that you pass a​ state board exam called the NCLEX, or​ National Council Licensure Examination, exam.

Obtaining the Designation

In order to​ become an​ LPN, you will need to​ complete the appropriate training. One important aspect is​ that you need to​ train for a​ year in​ a​ hospital, vocational technical school, or​ community college. You can also train for an​ LPN degree online. However, before you choose a​ program, check with your state to​ ensure that your education will qualify you to​ sit for the licensing examination.

The advantages of​ earning an​ online LPN nursing degree are many. For one, if​ you are currently working or​ have other obligations, you can work on your degree without having to​ quit your job. Additionally, you may be interested in​ attending a​ school that is​ not in​ your area, but offers an​ LPN program.

Working as​ an​ LPN

The advantages of​ earning an​ online LPN nursing degree include the ability to​ earn the education you need to​ begin working as​ a​ nurse. Should you choose to​ later seek an​ RN (Registered Nurse) or​ other degree, many programs exist online to​ allow you to​ move forward with your career.

What can you do as​ an​ LPN? While your responsibilities are more limited than those of​ nurses with additional education, the advantages of​ earning an​ online LPN nursing degree allow you to​ work in​ the field without making the same level of​ commitment as​ required for an​ advanced degree—and you can always return to​ school at​ a​ later time if​ desired.

Career Outlook

Careers in​ the medical field are expected to​ remain strong. Starting salaries for LPNs can vary, as​ with any other field; however, the average salary for LPNs is​ around $34,000 annually.

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