The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wireless Baby Monitors

The Advantages and​ Disadvantages of​ Wireless Baby Monitors
Baby monitors, just like with other gadgets, have taken advantage of​ the​ developing modern technology .​
What was once a​ simple transmitter and​ receiver system have gone up a​ notch to​ provide parents the​ ease of​ watching over their baby without sacrificing comfort and​ security .​
As of​ today, parents have different choices of​ baby monitors one of​ which is​ the​ wireless baby monitors.
But even with all the​ advantages these gadgets provide, it​ is​ inevitable that there are also disadvantages.
Comparing Wireless With Wired Baby Monitors
Baby monitors can come as​ wired and​ wireless devices .​
Wired baby monitors, as​ its name implies, makes use of​ wires to​ be able to​ connect the​ transmitting device and​ the​ receiving device .​
This is​ a​ very good system when it​ comes to​ baby monitors the​ only setback is​ that, the​ length of​ wires makes mobility quite impossible .​
The receiver would more or​ less just stay in​ one place.
Wireless baby monitors however are more flexible than wired ones .​
Since it​ is​ wireless, the​ limitation that the​ length of​ wires provide does not apply to​ it​ making it​ more possible to​ move around the​ house while still being able to​ monitor your baby.
Almost all types of​ monitors, whether audio or​ video, can be wired or​ wireless .​
It all comes down to​ budget and​ preference.
The Advantages of​ Wireless Baby Monitors
As have been mentioned, the​ most advantageous feature of​ a​ wireless baby monitor is​ mobility .​
Imagine being able to​ move around the​ house doing all the​ necessary chores without losing the​ ability to​ watch over the​ baby .​
You can transfer from room to​ room or​ while even in​ the​ bathroom and​ still you won’t lose track of​ what is​ happening to​ your baby.
Another advantage of​ these wireless devices is​ the​ ease of​ setting it​ up .​
You do not have to​ fidget with wires to​ be able to​ set your baby monitoring system up .​
Just setup the​ wireless device for​ the​ baby anywhere you want in​ the​ room without worrying whether the​ length of​ the​ wire is​ enough to​ reach the​ other room where you will setup the​ receiver.
In terms of​ aesthetics, wireless baby monitors also provide parents an​ advantage .​
You do not have to​ worry about wires sticking out or​ going out of​ place.
Last but not the​ least you can easily transfer the​ device from one place to​ another .​
For example, if​ you want to​ leave your baby in​ the​ living room for​ a​ while, you can get the​ device from the​ baby’s room and​ transfer it​ to​ the​ living room without going through the​ difficulty of​ moving the​ wires.
The Disadvantages of​ Wireless Baby Monitors
If such devices have advantages, then it​ is​ possible that they also have disadvantages .​
This is​ true with wireless baby monitors .​
The most disadvantageous aspect of​ these wireless devices is​ interference.
Wireless interference may come as​ irksome sounds, static sounds or​ buzzing sounds .​
In video monitors, interference may come in​ the​ form of​ fuzzy or​ static reception .​
These wireless interferences are usually caused by other wireless devices around the​ house like the​ wireless phone or​ a​ router .​
Other wireless baby monitors from your neighbor’s house can also cause interference .​
Fortunately, there are ways to​ solve these kinds of​ problems like adjusting channels or​ changing frequencies.
Another disadvantage of​ wireless baby monitors is​ the​ range .​
It may have been freed from the​ clutches of​ wires but they are still limited on how far the​ distance of​ the​ baby’s device is​ from your device.

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