The Advantage Of Going After A Nook On The Web

The Advantage Of Going After A Nook On The Web

Focusing on a​ nook to​ the​ exclusion of​ everything else is​ a​ tremendous way to​ make money.

The Advantage of​ Going After a​ Nook On the​ Web

When we talk about a​ nook, we are merely focusing on a​ specific area of​ a​ service or​ product sector. Think of​ nooks and​ crannies in​ a​ room. a​ simple, but clear, example of​ a​ nook would be Lasik eye surgery. it​ is​ a​ nook within the​ larger field of​ eye care and​ much larger field of​ medical services. the​ key to​ making money in​ your particular area is​ to​ focus on a​ specific nook that provides either a​ large volume of​ business or​ small volume with lucrative profit margins.

One of​ the​ biggest nook advantages is​ the​ ability to​ quickly become a​ dominant player in​ the​ area in​ question. By definition, there is​ almost always a​ limited pool of​ competitors in​ the​ market area, either for​ the​ area itself or​ the​ geographic limitation. Assume you are offering Lasik eye services. There are a​ limited number of​ medical professionals in​ your area offering the​ same thing. This means you have an​ outstanding opportunity to​ become the​ dominant personality. You can go get appearances on the​ local television and​ radio shows, publish articles in​ the​ paper and​ so on. News outlets are desperate for​ such quality content.

On the​ web, the​ same concept applies with a​ slightly different orientation. You want to​ focus on your nook to​ the​ exclusion of​ everything else. This sounds simple, but can be difficult to​ implement. There is​ an​ incredible temptation to​ expand a​ site beyond the​ nook in​ question. the​ motivation, of​ course, is​ greed. We all tend to​ think that if​ we offer tour services to​ London, our clientele would obviously be interested in​ buying soccer shirts for​ the​ professional teams in​ London. Wrong. Define your nook and​ stick to​ it. Even if​ you sell a​ few shirts, you risk distracting your prospects from purchasing a​ tour.

The web also provides unique advantages found in​ no other business medium. One of​ the​ dominant ways to​ market any business is​ to​ write content for​ periodicals. I am talking about informative articles, not advertisements. if​ you wrote an​ article for​ the​ local paper and​ they included it​ in​ their Sunday edition, how would you be viewed? it​ would be a​ lot more effective than an​ advertisement and, over time, you would become a​ trusted source for​ most readers. Whenever they thought of​ your area of​ expertise, they would come to​ you or​ your business. Talk about a​ goldmine!

On the​ web, you can take this example to​ the​ extreme. There are numerous sites known as​ article directories. These sites collect articles for​ an​ interesting audience. Websites, blogs and​ online newsletters need content all of​ the​ time. They use article directories to​ find the​ content. You should submit articles to​ the​ directories under the​ category applicable to​ your business. if​ you make the​ articles informative, you will quickly become a​ credible source and​ they will use your articles again and​ again. it​ is​ like being published in​ your local paper and​ a​ few hundred papers in​ other cities.

In summary, find your nook or​ cranny and​ stick to​ it.

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