The Ads Behind Male Enhancement Pills A Straight Up Review.

The Ads Behind Male Enhancement Pills A Straight Up Review.

For some strange reason, though I am not a​ male I keep getting spam advertisements for male enhancement pills in​ my email. Every once in​ a​ while I wonder from where these spam advertisements originate and just who decides what the target audience is. For sure I don’t have any emails or​ in​ my blog that would imply that I am interested in​ male enhancement pills though I receive a​ lot of​ mail suggesting that I desperately need this stuff.

In order to​ combat these advertisements for male enhancement pills, I have tried a​ number of​ my anti spam tactics. in​ spite of​ my efforts to​ try and “remove me from mailing list” link, I often at​ the end find myself frustrated by not being able to​ promptly remove myself from the mailing list. Time and again I am quickly and conveniently removed from the male enhancement pills advertiser’s mailing list, but sometimes this may not turn to​ be a​ good thing. I discovered that whenever I remove myself from advertising list for male enhancement pills; I end up getting even more spam from other companies selling the same product. Now I am not sure if​ the companies are affiliated and my anti spam tactics are backfiring on me. Yet I still get annoyed with the barrage of​ spam in​ my email for male enhancement pills even if​ majority of​ the advertisements end up in​ my junk folder.

Of course, it​ is​ a​ good practice to​ check your junk mail folder occasionally just incase you may be missing any messages that you actually want. at​ times those messages may be blocked by your anti spam feature that puts them in​ a​ junk folder and you may miss important messages. I simply don’t like the idea of​ checking my junk mail to​ find a​ lot of​ embarrassing spam for male enhancement pills.

Several of​ these clever advertisements for male enhancement pills wind up in​ my regular email folder. I report those as​ junk mail to​ the server. While there are other times when I find a​ number of​ advertisements on a​ single day for the pills and it​ can be quite embarrassing.

Sure, I care what other people think. I can’t help it. But I simply dread the idea of​ someone passing up by my computer and seeing a​ bunch of​ advertisements for male enhancement pills. For sure, they may even think that I requested the information. What’s more is​ that even if​ I would have been interested in​ the male enhancement pills, I would like a​ little discretion.

Currently my way out is​ to​ just keep deleting. I’ll keep requesting that I be taken off of​ the mailing lists and I will keep on using my anti spam features to​ combat the advertisements, but I would really just like to​ find the source, or​ sources, and very frankly let them know that I don’t have a​ penis neither do I really need any enhancements!

The Ads Behind Male Enhancement Pills A Straight Up Review.

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