The 7 Cardinal Sins Of Buying Voip

The 7 Cardinal Sins Of Buying VoIP
For most companies and many individuals, signing up with a​ VOIP service is​ a​ no brainer.
For a​ fraction of​ what most people pay for a​ tradional telephone service, you can have a​ feature rich communications sytem.
But there are a​ few pitfalls that people fall into time and again .​
Make sure you aren't one of​ them.
1) Missing Out on the Best Deal - So you know that you can make a​ big saving by switching from your traditional phone carrier to​ a​ VOIP service .​
But did you know that you can also make a​ huge saving again by shopping around? Some VOIP companies are up to​ 50% cheaper than others that offer similar featured packages.
2) Taking the Cheapest Without Looking - VOIP beats tradition networks in​ so many ways .​
Why not make sure that you have a​ feature rich package? Again, you need to​ compare features between companies!
3) Going With the Biggest Names - If you follow the VOIP scene, you will know that some of​ the biggest names in​ VOIP have had serious system outages .​
Make sure your carrier has a​ history of​ reliability because you don't want to​ be caught without a​ phone service!
4) Low bandwidth - Make sure that you discuss your WAN service provider to​ make sure you have enough bandwidth for VOIP .​
This is​ really important for heavy users such as​ businesses and call centers.
5) IP Phones - Poor quality hardware (IP Phones) can really reduce your user experience .​
Don't buy the cheapest phone you can find, because you will be disappointed at​ your call quality.
6) Configure Your Firewall - a​ lot of​ people get frustrated when their new VOIP service doesn't work .​
You need to​ check your firewall settings to​ ensure your VOIP service can operate!
7) Ignore Security - a​ VOIP conversation is​ data like any other data .​
It can be stolen and misused (ie .​
people can listen to​ your conversations) .​
Make sure you are aware of​ the problems by asking your vendor and consider encryption to​ protect your data.
VOIP opens up a​ massive potential cost saving to​ home and business users .​
It can be as​ secure and high quality as​ traditional lines, if​ you take a​ little time to​ research and make the right purchasing decisions.
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