The 5 Biggest Mistakes College Players Make When Trying To Get Into The

The 5 Biggest Mistakes College Players Make When Trying To Get Into The Nfl

As a​ former NFL player I have inside knowledge as​ to​ what coaches are looking for when drafting college players. From my experience, here are the five biggest mistakes college players make that will hurt their chances of​ getting drafted into the NFL:

1. The biggest mistake by far is​ when college players think they are ready for the NFL and they enter the draft before they are a​ senior. The majority of​ college players are not ready physically or​ mentally to​ play in​ the NFL. By staying in​ college and getting more years of​ playing time, a​ player will be both physically and mentally more prepared for the NFL.

2. The second mistake college players make is​ not working as​ hard as​ they can to​ learn the strategies of​ professional football as​ a​ sport. College players should be learning everything they can about professional football as​ if​ they were studying to​ be a​ coach. College players should study the best players in​ the position they want to​ play and learn the strategies those players are using to​ dominate their position. to​ be the best, study the best.

3. College players do not work nearly as​ hard as​ they should to​ earn good grades in​ their college courses. The NFL wants to​ draft smart players. By working hard to​ get good grades, a​ college football player increases their odds of​ attracting the attention of​ an​ NFL team. Players who are both great athletes and great students are preferred over players who are just great athletes.

4. a​ huge mistake college players make is​ that they party too much, lose focus of​ their goals, and get into trouble. Teams do not want trouble makers who get drunk and do stupid things or​ players that get into trouble with the law. if​ you want to​ make it​ to​ the NFL, stay out of​ trouble and keep partying to​ a​ minimum. if​ your friends are trouble makers who try to​ get you to​ do stupid things, get new friends. I cannot stress this enough. Stay out of​ trouble!

5. Players need to​ stay in​ shape and continue to​ work out year round. Being a​ professional football player is​ a​ full-time job. Players who dominate the sport are the players who work hardest during the off season to​ stay in​ shape and master their football skills. Just like everything else in​ life, people who work the hardest to​ master their job are the people who are the most successful.

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