The 3 Biggest Obstacles To Financial Success

Every one of​ us faces challenges in​ achieving financial independence. Challenges are meant to​ help us grow and learn. They are not meant to​ keep us stuck in​ the same dynamic year after year. But, unfortunately, many of​ us find that we are spinning our financial wheels, unable to​ break through and experience a​ much greater level of​ success. Now, this is​ not because we are not smart enough or​ because we're not trying hard enough. in​ fact, for many of​ us it​ is​ that we think too much and we make it​ too complicated, which makes us try a​ lot harder than we would otherwise have to. This frustrating cycle can wreak havoc on our personal lives, as​ we are perpetually confused and disgruntled by the reality of​ never meeting our standards for success.

Quantum physics suggests that everything in​ the universe is​ made up of​ energy. This includes money. Money is​ actually a​ neutral energetic force. We decide if​ this force is​ positive or​ negative in​ our lives based on the relationship that we have with it. Based on this, there are essentially three main obstacles that we face in​ attracting the kind of​ wealth that we truly desire:

1) Limiting beliefs: The main thing that keeps us stuck in​ our current financial situation is​ what we believe to​ be true about who we are and how much of​ value we have to​ offer others. This is​ really where most of​ us get stuck. We can strive for financial independence all we want, but if​ our underlying belief system contradicts this pursuit, then we will always end up in​ the same place. Negative and damaging beliefs have to​ be healed, if​ we are to​ attract a​ lot of​ money into our lives in​ a​ way that is​ based on integrity. When our core beliefs are based on abundance and prosperity, then we will be energetically aligned with the reality of​ a​ lot of​ money coming into our lives.

2) Our perception of​ money: it​ used to​ be that just about everybody had a​ 9-to-5 job with benefits and retirement plan. This industrial age paradigm has now come to​ pass. We are living in​ the information age where money can be made in​ new and diverse ways. There are many, many people who no longer believe in​ the 9-to-5 workday and are instead living life based on their own terms. They have been able to​ do this because they have a​ different perception of​ money than most of​ us still have. They have seen that money can be made through a​ variety of​ creative means, such as​ internet marketing, real estate investing, and offering information products to​ a​ niche market. Many of​ us still feel guilty or​ lazy when we consider structuring our lives so that are our time is​ freed up and we can do what we really want to​ do. it​ is​ a​ radical step to​ go for financial and time freedom, because we see so many people around us are still not doing this. So, we have to​ be willing to​ step out and be a​ pioneer.

3) Lack of​ support and mentoring: Every one of​ us needs some guidance to​ get to​ where we want to​ be. We have to​ be willing to​ seek out the support and wisdom of​ those who have achieved a​ high level of​ success in​ the area that we would like to​ pursue. in​ fact, all successful entrepreneurs have surrounded themselves with a​ team of​ people that have held them to​ get to​ where they are. You can't do it​ on your own. So, it​ is​ essential to​ immerse yourself in​ communities of​ like-minded people who are also interested in​ financial independence. it​ is​ important to​ get coached and to​ saturate your mind with the books and programs that your role models promote. if​ you do this wholeheartedly, you will get to​ a​ place where everything you are learning becomes a​ part of​ you and the way to​ your own prosperity begins to​ feel effortless and natural.

Embarking on the path to​ financial and time freedom should be an​ enriching and stimulating venture. it​ gives you the opportunity to​ free yourself of​ limiting beliefs so that your whole life becomes ripe with potential. it​ allows you to​ be a​ pioneer who can help others overcome their financial limitation so that more and more people began to​ perceive money in​ a​ new way. And it​ also allows you to​ form meaningful friendships and relationships with people who have similar interests and to​ enjoy the gift of​ successful teachers and role models.

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Kevin Doherty is​ an​ entrepreneur, business coach, and health care practitioner. He has a​ passion for helping people like you achieve financial freedom and the ability to​ live life on your own terms. Click on the link below to​ learn about a​ series of​ informational products that Kevin endorses. if​ you are serious about creating financial success in​ your life, then the internet can be a​ powerful way to​ leverage all of​ your interests and passions.

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