The 2 Most Common Web Site Mistakes

The 2 Most Common Web Site Mistakes

When we review the​ sites of​ potential clients, there are 2 mistakes we see over and​ over. if​ you are having problems with your site, make sure these 2 problems aren’t killing you.


Just because you think something is​ a​ good idea doesn’t mean the​ general public agrees. a​ web site should solve a​ problem that is​ common to​ some part of​ the​ population. if​ people have a​ problem, they will be compelled to​ find an​ answer to​ it. if​ they don’t, they are not going to​ visit your site for​ anything other than browsing. Browsing doesn’t pay the​ bills!

Do the​ research on Overture or​ your favorite tool. if​ there isn’t a​ significant amount of​ monthly searches for​ your topic, move on to​ another one. if​ you think you can both alert people to​ a​ problem and​ solve it, you are in​ for​ a​ difficult time. it​ can be done, but your chances of​ success are pretty small.

Database Parameters

If you have a​ database driven site, you absolutely must get control of​ the​ sub-domains. Examples of​ database sites include sites selling products or​ providing some version of​ a​ listing service such as​ real estate or​ jobs. Programmers and​ designers have a​ bad habit of​ putting session ids in​ the​ sub-domains. Session ids are an​ indication of​ dynamic pages, pages that are built on the​ fly when the​ domain is​ triggered. a​ dynamic domain looks something like:

The problem with dynamic domains concerns search engine robots. a​ robot is​ designed to​ recognize the​ meta tags and​ content of​ a​ page. the​ robot will then include the​ page in​ the​ search database. Robots often refuse to​ index dynamic pages because the​ robot cannot predict the​ content on the​ page. From the​ robot’s view, the​ page could show different things each time it​ is​ accessed. as​ a​ result, the​ search engines can’t list it​ under any particular keyword with any confidence that the​ content will be relevant to​ the​ search. if​ you have dynamic pages, most of​ the​ pages of​ your site will never appear in​ Google, Yahoo and​ MSN. That’s a​ disaster.

Planning is​ the​ key to​ setting up a​ profitable e-commerce site. Make sure you are solving a​ known problem and​ set your site up to​ be friendly to​ the​ search engine robots.

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