The 10 Commandments A Guide

The 10 Commandments A Guide

I had what you would call a​ religious up bringing. We were taught the 10 commandments at​ a​ very early age. in​ fact the 10 commandments have played such a​ large role in​ my life I cannot remember when I learned them. I remember having to​ memorize them for Sunday school, but that was more trying to​ remember what order the 10 commandments came in​ rather than learning what they were.

Because the 10 commandments have been a​ part of​ my life since I was a​ little child, I have not spent much time reflecting on them. as​ with so many aspects of​ my faith I have just accepted the 10 commandments as​ a​ fact of​ life. I have spent more time pondering them recently due to​ the media attention of​ having the 10 commandments displayed in​ public buildings. I had to​ stop and review exactly what the 10 commandments are and why someone may be offended seeing them in​ print. I had to​ stop and reflect if​ I had just accepted something that may be offensive just because it​ has always been part of​ my life.

I have to​ admit that trying to​ recall the 10 commandments in​ order was a​ true memory exercise. I could remember all of​ them but trying to​ get the middle ones in​ the right order was a​ challenge. I mentioned this to​ my husband and he could not understand why being in​ a​ particular order made any difference. I thought he had a​ good point, that it​ did not really matter what order I placed them in​ or​ what exact wording I used to​ remember them, it​ was the idea behind each of​ the 10 commandments that was the message we are to​ take to​ heart.

After thinking about each of​ the 10 commandments I have decided that for me they are not offensive. I would not feel discriminated against or​ violated in​ any way seeing them in​ print. The message with each of​ them is​ clear to​ me and in​ general I feel they out line a​ decent and courteous way to​ conduct my life. I respect others beliefs and accept that not everyone has the same set of​ beliefs that I have. in​ fact I think life would be boring if​ we did all think the same and had the same beliefs.

Although I comprehend that we are not all from the same belief system, I still cannot understand why someone would be offended by seeing the 10 commandments in​ print. There are many billboards and bus advertisements out there that I find disagreeable or​ offensive, but I know there are others who have opposing opinions. if​ I find something offensive I try to​ look at​ something that is​ more appealing to​ me. We do not all need to​ believe the same things and in​ order to​ co-exist , we do not even need to​ understand each others beliefs, we just need to​ learn tolerance. Hey, maybe I just came up with the 11th commandment! in​ fact, it​ can be any number. I've already told you order doesn't matter.

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