Thailand Scuba Diving Vacation

Thailand Scuba Diving Vacation

Thailand is​ sandwiched between the​ Gulf of​ Thailand on​ its eastern coastline and the​ vast expanse of​ the​ Andaman Sea on​ its western coast. it​ is​ in​ these body of​ waters that scuba divers can explore the​ marine life of​ the​ Indian Ocean and the​ Pacific Ocean without having to​ cross continents.

The waters in​ Thailand have one of​ the​ richest and diverse marine life in​ the​ world because conditions here for coral growth is​ almost perfect with an​ average temperature of​ 28C all year round and fantastic underwater visibility.

Because of​ these almost ideal scuba diving conditions and attractions,​ the​ scuba diving industry in​ Thailand is​ thriving robustly with the​ proliferation of​ first class scuba diving facilities,​ services and diving schools.

When you throw in​ what the​ tourist industry has to​ offer in​ Thailand such as​ fantastic entertainment,​ a​ spread of​ accommodations,​ hotels and resorts for every budget and Thailand's renowned delightful cuisines,​ you can be assured of​ an​ enjoyable scuba diving vacation.

The Gulf of​ Thailand has hundreds of​ islands on​ its 1,​840km (1,​143 miles) long coast. the​ gulf is​ a​ shallow bowl shaped body of​ water separated from the​ South China Sea by a​ pair of​ underwater ridges that extend from Vietnam on​ one side and Malaysia to​ the​ other.

The sea bed bottom here is​ mostly mud mixed with sand and shells. Corals are usually found around the​ fringes of​ the​ gulf islands. There are several rivers in​ the​ north bringing enough sediment and freshwater to​ inhibit coral growth until to​ the​ south or​ the​ eastern side of​ the​ Gulf of​ Thailand.

The underwater scenery in​ the​ gulf is​ perhaps not as​ visually appealing as​ those of​ the​ Andaman Sea as​ it​ has slightly less variety of​ marine life. Marine parks such as​ the​ Ang Thong Marine Park include spectacularly formed limestone islands with lush rainforest covering them and many of​ these islands are actually uninhabited.

World famous resorts of​ Pattaya,​ Phuket and Koh Samui offer excellent scuba diving facilities as​ well as​ other reacreations and entertaiment.

The Andaman Sea was already thriving thousands of​ years ago with Chinese,​ European,​ Thai and Indian trading vessels plying its waters. Today,​ the​ Andaman Sea is​ more of​ a​ playground for dive boats and sailing yachts rather than for trading vessels.

One of​ the​ better known playgrounds for divers in​ the​ Andaman and is​ often rated amongst the​ top scuba diving destinations in​ the​ world are the​ Similan Islands. Divers can explore Similan,​ the​ Surin Islands and the​ Mergui Archipelago in​ liveaboard diving cruises.

Thailand's Andaman Sea stretches 870km (541 miles) from Tarutao National Park on​ the​ border of​ Malaysia to​ the​ Surin Islands on​ the​ border of​ Myanmar (formerly known as​ Burma). it​ is​ part of​ the​ Indian Ocean and is​ separated from the​ Bay of​ Bengal by the​ Andaman-Nicobar Ridge. Quaint formations of​ granite outcrops can be senn in​ the​ Surin and Similan Islands.

Other island groups such as​ Koh Phi Phi are shaped by massive limestone and calcium carbonates since prehistoric time.

The only problem when you travel to​ Thailand for scuba diving is​ where to​ start your diving vacation since there are so many excellent dive spots to​ choose from and you will be spoilt for choice.

Thailand Scuba Diving Vacation

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