Texas Renters Insurance

Texas Renters Insurance

Texas Renters Insurance
Texas Renters Insurance offers benefits many fail to​ consider until after an​ incident involving property theft brings loss and pain to​ their lives .​
As most local news stations tend to​ focus on​ more violent crime and often neglect reporting incidents of​ home and apartment invasion,​ most people don’t even think that renters insurance in​ Texas is​ something they really need .​
Unfortunately,​ this is​ by no means the​ case .​
The sense of​ violation a​ home invasion produces psychologically traumatizes the​ mind,​ and the​ financial loss can be immense when one considers that a​ thief seems to​ always take what a​ renter values the​ most .​
Texas Home and Auto strives to​ educate clients in​ regards to​ the​ protection renters insurance in​ Texas offers against the​ common perils that affect their personal property.
Many Texans live with the​ assumption that certain cities are safer than others and offer de facto protection against property crime .​
This is​ a​ myth,​ and a​ dangerous one to​ live by .​
The city of​ Dallas,​ for example,​ has an​ outstanding reputation for clean air,​ beautiful architecture,​ and progressive technology .​
At face value,​ most people moving to​ Dallas would never consider investing in​ renters insurance,​ because Texas tends to​ brag a​ great deal on​ the​ high quality of​ life Dallas offers its residents.
The facts strongly point to​ a​ need for clarification .​
Dallas does have a​ great standard of​ living,​ however one should not by any means suppose this eliminates the​ dire importance of​ protecting his or​ her property against a​ substantial property crime risk.
In 2004 alone,​ almost 90,​000 property crimes occurred,​ and of​ that number 75,​000 involved thefts,​ burglaries,​ and larceny .​
Other crime statistics follow for other major Texas cities .​
They warrant careful consideration from anyone renting a​ home or​ apartment in​ these areas:
Houston- population 1,​953,​631
105,​000 thefts,​ burglaries,​ and larcenies
5% of​ the​ population affected
Austin- population 656,​562
30,​000 thefts,​ burglaries,​ and larcenies
5% of​ the​ population affected
San Antonio- population 1,​144,​646
60,​000 thefts,​ burglaries,​ and larcenies
5% of​ the​ population
We find it​ interesting that all the​ major cities in​ Texas had approximately 5% of​ their citizenry affected by property crime in​ 2004 .​
Considering the​ vast differences in​ geography,​ economy,​ and demographics that distinguish these cities,​ we have to​ ask the​ obvious question: What do they have in​ common?
You guessed correctly: apartments and tenants of​ rental properties encompassing all social classes.
Based on​ this evidence,​ we believe that home and apartment renters are the​ most vulnerable to​ property crime and especially need the​ protection of​ Texas rental insurance.
Since most people don’t consciously think of​ renters insurance in​ Texas when they invest in​ coverage,​ they are often mystified as​ to​ what Texas rental insurance actually is,​ what it​ covers,​ and how much it​ costs .​
Even if​ they do realize at​ some point in​ time they need it,​ they often don’t know where to​ look and what questions to​ ask.
This is​ where working with the​ right agency can save you​ a​ lot of​ money by explaining the​ many different coverage options that may be available to​ you​ .​
For example a​ student with computers,​ manuals and other technology may need very different coverage than mature empty nester.
Always look for an​ agency that will ask you​ as​ many detailed questions as​ possible in​ order to​ obtain for you​ the​ best possible discounts.
Texas renter insurance offers additional benefits beyond theft protection .​
It allows the​ insured to​ develop a​ history of​ maintaining property insurance before purchasing a​ home .​
When that person then becomes a​ homeowner,​ he or​ she may very well qualify for reduced rates on​ homeowners insurance .​
An even greater benefit,​ still somewhat new to​ Texas is​ that renters insurance offers protection against identity theft .​
All it​ takes is​ one credit card or​ one bill with a​ person’s social security number to​ be stolen,​ and that person’s credit and reputation can be traumatized for years to​ come .​
In a​ very real sense,​ Texas renter insurance offers the​ added value of​ protecting ones person as​ well as​ one’s property.

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