Texas Casinos

Texas Casinos

Texas,​ the​ Lone Star State,​ is​ famous for a​ number of​ things,​ all of​ which are important to​ the​ average Texas native. Texas is​ the​ home of​ the​ Alamo,​ U.S. President George W. Bush,​ and cycling champion Lance Armstrong. Texas is​ the​ second most populous state in​ the​ union,​ with 22,​490,​022 inhabiting people its vast,​ open spaces. the​ capital of​ Texas,​ Austin,​ has become a​ cultural Mecca for artists,​ musicians and more,​ with infamous South by Southwest Music Festival held in​ Austin annually. This large state covers at​ least 268,​581 sq. miles.

With a​ state this big,​ it​ is​ believable then,​ that there are a​ large number of​ casinos covering the​ state. if​ it​ is​ a​ Texas casino that features horseracing that you are interested in,​ well,​ there are a​ whole lot of​ them.

Choose from Texas casinos available like the​ Gillespie County Fairgrounds,​ which features quarter horse racing or​ the​ Lone Star Park at​ Grand Prairie,​ which also boasts quarter horse racing as​ well as​ the​ option of​ betting on​ thoroughbreds. Valley Race Park in​ Harlingen features thoroughbreds,​ Sam Houston Race Park in​ Houston features thoroughbreds and quarter horses,​ Manor Downs in​ Manor features quarter horses and Retama Park in​ Selma features thoroughbreds and quarter horses. Each park features dining options as​ well.

The Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino,​ located in​ Eagle Pass,​ is​ one of​ the​ larger Texas casinos. it​ features more than 1,​000 slot machines and more than 20 table games. There are dining and entertainment options in​ this Texas casino and is​ operated by the​ Kickapoo Tribe.

The Texas Treasure Casino Cruise is​ another gambling facility located in​ the​ Long Star State. Based in​ Port Aransas,​ this Texas casino features more than 400 slot machines,​ more than 20 table games and a​ host of​ dining options. Bingo is​ also a​ featured game at​ this Texas casino facility.

For those interested in​ visiting Texas casinos with dog racing,​ the​ Corpus Christi dog track,​ located in​ the​ city of​ Corpus Christi and Gulf Greyhound Park,​ located in​ La Marque,​ are both excellent quality dog-racing tracks. the​ Corpus Christi dog track features an​ option for dining and Gulf Greyhound Park features both a​ concession stand as​ well as​ a​ dine-in option.

Texas casinos feature enough variety for everyone to​ find one to​ suit their needs. Not sure which one to​ visit? Try one from each category and see which one gives you the​ best experience (with the​ most winnings)!

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